Today’s podcast episode features, Fern Trewin-Tooley, Soul nurturer, Reiki practitioner, Botanical Intuitive, Meditation Teacher and facilitator of Sacred Circles.


Fern and I dive deep into the healing power of sacred women’s circles, creating botanical mandalas and how excited about our first collaboration together, our “Autumn Soul Circle’ on Sunday, 21st March 2021.


We are looking forward to bringing women together in a few weeks, to create a sacred space for you to tune into the amazing internal wisdom that lies within your heart.


Let’s be honest, as women, we often don’t make the time to sit with our feelings, and really dive deep into our hearts. Fern and I want to be able to create a space where you can do this for yourself, connect with other intuitive women like yourself and have an amazing time too.


Gift yourself a few hours to create, relax and take your intuition & the richness and meaning in your life, to the next level on your spiritual journey.


We see you divine, beautiful woman!


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Ian White – Australian Bush Flower Essences for emotional care & wellbeing (ausflowers.com.au)


Kate Reed - The Sister Circles - The Sister Circles Home Page


Alison Potts - Instinctive Meditation - Alison Potts: Innate Being Training - Alison Potts: Innate Being


Soul2SoulWellness Podcast Episode 27 with Fern –




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