You're a woman who embraces a life, where your inner knowing and mama's intuition plays such an integral role in your day to day life. You connect with that deeper part of yourself, to not only guide your soul on this life journey you’re experiencing, as the soulful mama that I know you are, you connect with that deeper part of yourself, to lead you back to yourself, in times, when the external noise and let’s face it, is doing it’s best to pull you away from the inner peace & contentment, you are longing for in your life.  

In a world, where your schedule, revolves primarily around your family, you crave “connection”, to continue deepening your intuition, but, without, this affecting your day to day commitments. 

I know, because I am you. 


You dream of being able to:


  • Do the things in life that you love, and still show up for your family in the way I know you dream.

  • Trust in your own intuition, and feel confident in making  your own decisions in life, rather, than leaning heavily, on your bestie’s opinions, to guide you in life.  

  • Find the inner peace and contentment, I know you seek, without breaking the bank 


“EXTRA-ORDINARY” is the inspiration you might just need to take the first baby step, guiding you back to you. 


Imagine Feeling:

  • You can finally, make the time to prioritise your self-care, and still take care of your loved ones 

  • You’ve found a way to make it back up to the top of your to do list, even, when your to-do list is already sooooo long.  

  • FULFILLED for the first time in years. That sweet feeling, that has eluded you for years

  • You can give from a place of enthusiasm and excitement, rather, than constant stress and frustration 

  • Empowered to model to your children, through example, how to connect with their own intuition

  • Able to problem solve for yourself, because being deeply connected to your intuition, means, that you can turn inward, when challenges arrive in your life.  


What a world this will be for you soulful mama!

Now I hear you, you’re exhausted and sleep deprived, and you don’t exactly, feel like you have the time to add one more thing to your to-do list? 

So, can I please ask you this Q! 

What will your life look like in five years time, if you keep going the way you’re going now?

This is the exact Q I asked myself, ten years ago, when I was in over my head, and I don’t want you to have to hit rock bottom, because you don’t need to. 


I’ve created this e-book specifically with you in mind….

To read in your own time,

To read at your own pace,

To open up and any chapter you want and read in any order 

This book has been designed, to help make your life easier, not harder. 


In fact, when you get that 5-10 minutes to sit down, and slow down, you can read a snippet. You can read her in the school car park, on your phone, whilst you wait for the school bell to ring, you can read her at your child’s footy practice, and steal a few minutes before your head hits the pillow, at night, to inspire yourself before dream time. 

I’m Kaye, and I’m living proof, that you can turn all your feelings of frustration & constant stress around.


Ten years ago, I was a mama to 2 gorgeous toddlers, who demanded, every ounce of my energy, and I willingly, gave all my energy to them. I’d make sure, they were eating well, they were so well taken care of, but, at the expense of my own happiness and contentment. 

You see, that’s what I thought a soulful mama was supposed to do, and suppose to look like. Sacrifice my own needs ALL the time, for my family. 

Now, if this is supposed to be the case, it wasn’t working for me. I felt depleted, and I felt like I was playing catch up all the time, with everything. 

I gave sport away on a week to week basis, when my youngest was born, and this was the beginning of my downward spiral. Sport was something I loved to do, my whole life and filled me up, but with two daughters, to nurture and care for and a hubby, who was busy, building his business empire at the time, I

know now, that it would have been more beneficial, for my own mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being, had I held on to doing the things that I loved. 

I was also, the self-titled CEO of our household, feeding my family on what felt like,  infinite times a day, managing our whole family’s daily schedules and running on empty, most of the time. I didn’t give my self permission, to prioritise my self-care, because, well, it felt pretty selfish. 


Little did I know, that being selfish, is exactly, what I need to do, that prioritising my well-being, meant:

  • I had more energy to give to my daughters and my hubby. 

  • I would be able to show up excited about life again 

  • My anxiety levels would drop 

  • I might feel happy, instead of the feelings of frustration and constant stress, I’d become accustomed to feeling 


Now let’s face it, with the demands that life can put on us, this can be a real struggle. 

However, Soulful Mama, everyone of us, has a choice. A choice to create a life on our terms, and design it any amazing way we like. 


You get to choose how you want to live your life, and do it your way! 

I know this, because, I had to find myself again, after giving all of what I loved away, for my family. 

I do not want you to go through this too. 

For the last ten years, I have been exploring and experimenting with different ways to take care of myself, looking at what fit’s into my ever changing family schedule. 

After figuring this out for myself, I loved well-being so much, that I decided to extend on my Bachelor Degree in Human Movement Studies, and went on to study, energy healing, wellness coaching, personal training and holistic health coaching. 

I now work with soulful mama’s worldwide, and have created a super simple way for you to feel better, in your own life, so that you can go out and be the most amazing mama in the world for your family, and feel great doing so.

Your journey soulful mama, beings with my Ebook

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