In our 2nd episode, we talk about harnessing our manifesting abilities to draw into our life what our heart’s desire.

We manifest in every moment, and when we understand how, it inspires us to take our life to next level.

Today I explain, how our words, thoughts and actions help us to manifest – We manifest at the level we are currently living and high vibe living is a fabulous way to manifest more easily.

Creating and cultivating daily rituals are a gentle reminder and a wonderful way to manifest and create abundance in every area of my life.


I share with you how I manifested the exact price of the “Sale Price” of our last home.

I share with you, the daily rituals that I have introduced into my life, showing up each day, to co-create my life with the universe.


MY TIP 4 YOU IN THIS EPISODE – “Manifesting is easier, when we are feeling great in our skin and taking care of our mindsets and energy levels. ”


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