Episode 025: Meet Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Romina Di Federico!

Today I'm introducing to my beautiful friend, Sydney based internationally accredited yoga and meditation teacher and "Inhale Life" wellness centre founder, Romina Di Federico.


Romina, like many business owners, is currently navigating the new norm, that we've all found ourselves living in, and has completely shifted her yoga business "Inhale Life" to the online platform.


Romina shares with us her personal story today, showing us, that when we can TRUST in our soul's whispers and in our INNER KNOWING, we are always guided in the direction, that our soul is calling us.


She was working for the number 1 sporting brand in the world, when she started practicing yoga, admitting that she hated lying in "Savasana" as her mind would be racing, with everything on her TO DO list.


As she was lying in Savasana, one night, she heard a voice tell her, that she would become a yoga teacher. It took a few years, before she listened to this message, but sure, enough, she ended up taking a 12 month hiatus from her full time corporate position, to study yoga full time in Byron Bay, with the intention of returning to her job once, she had become a certified yoga teacher.


Spoiler alert....Romina never ended up going back to her corporate job. She actually knocked back a phenomenal promotion opportunity with her US based employer, because she had a knowing, that she was meant to head in a

different direction, but not everybody in her life, supported her choice to do this.


Romina and I met as young women in our late teens or early twenties (I actually can't remember back that far) and the one thing that always struck me about this amazing woman, was her maturity beyond her years, her

beautiful demeanour and she always seemed once step ahead of the trend. So to hear that was studying yoga before it became more widely accepted to do so, back in the late 90's does not surprise me at all.


Romina regularly, mentions "trusting in herself and trusting in the universe" throughout our chat, and this resonates deeply with me. I also loved when she highlighted the importance of listening to the little whispers we all receive.


Romina also gives us her tips for staying anchored, rooted in your own holistic practice, meditating, remaining grateful and "trusting".


She is currently navigating her own uncertainty in these delicate times, just as we all are, and has had to pivot at home, with her partner also working from home, and their children, home schooling, whilst she is still teaching yoga.


A couple of months ago, she never would have known, she would be teaching weekly in countries such as Canada, India and New Zealand, and she is choosing to flow with these new opportunities.


You will love meeting this wonderfully intuitive and wise woman, and if you're feeling drawn to practicing yoga, I'd highly recommend reaching out to Romina at www.inhhalelife.co 


She is also super active on Instagram and her Instagram handles are @romina.yoga and @inhale_life.

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