Meditation Teacher Michelle Eckles found meditation overwhelming in the beginning, just like a lot of us do, when we first start out.

As a single parent with 2 young children, and with a busy schedule she wanted to find a way out of the overwhelm and develop the ability to feel more calm in her life.

Her journey into meditation, led her to study to become a meditation teacher, and has now shifted her business into the online space, creating online meditation resources, for all of us to use right now.


If you listen or watch our interview until the end; Michelle will walk you through a simple mindfulness breathing exercise, you can use right now in your life, to feel more calm.

Michelle has kindly, given our Soul2SoulWellness community access to this FREE mini course – “How to Practise Mindful Breathing”.

You can find Michelle at


IG - @meditationsunshinecoast


FB –


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