I had the wonderful opportunity, to sit down with Sam Lennie, Reiki Master & Akashic Records Reader Sam Lennie.

Sam shared with me that the message coming through right now, through her client sessions are “TRUST YOURSELF”.

Sam is helping her clients, help heal the relationship with themselves and uses Intuituive Tools and Practices, Reiki, Metatron Attunement and Akashic Records to help her clients do this.  
Interestingly enough, Sam and I talk about our love of “Numerology” and this podcast episode happens to be No. 33.

Sam mentions the following spiritual teachers Ashley Wood and Esther Hicks in our chat, and if you’d like to look into them more, you will find the links below.

Ashley Wood - https://alnwithin.com/

Abraham and Esther Hicks - https://www.abraham-hicks.com/

You can find Sam on the following platforms

Website –  https://www.samanthalennietherapy.com/
IG – @samantha.lennie
Facebook – www.facebook.com/samanthalennietherapy

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