EPISODE 34: Divorce & Co-Parenting with Divorce Coach Sally Anne Hartnell

We all know someone who is going through divorce or has been through divorce?


Did you know, that you can engage the support of a brilliant “Divorce Coach” like my beautiful friend Sallyanne Hartnell, to help you navigate this somewhat turbulent time in your life?


I love chatting with Sallyanne, she shares many wisdom nuggets and practical suggestions to help you find balance through the chaos and overwhelm, navigating feelings, the practical to do’s as well as co-parenting.


Let’s face it – Divorce is not fun, but I know with Sallyanne by your side, you will know that someone you trust, has got your back as you journey through this, and you’re not alone.


If you are looking for next level holistic support, to enable you to THRIVE through your Divorce Journey, you can find Sallyanne on the following platforms


Website – https://www.reflectcoaching.com.au/

IG – @reflectcoaching

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/reflectlifecoaching


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