Do I teach my children to manifest?

You bet I do!

Do they use it in their lives?

You bet they do!


Sometimes, when their mindset is off kilter, I remind them, to manifest, but they’ve learnt from immersion. They watch their mama manifest, and I share with them m experiences too. They get it.


But t’s not enough, that I teach my own children, I’m on a mission to teach as many children as I can. It is the way of our future, and when we teach them to manifest consciously, we empower them for life.


If you are a POSITIVE VIBE TRIBE FACEBOOK MEMBER, you will have watched my recent FREE Masterclasses on empowering children, where I give you many amazing practical tips on how to encourage your

child to manifest for themselves. Give your child, the “thumbs up” to dream big and they’ll jump on the manifesting



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