EPISODE 58: Connecting into your psychic powers with psychic medium Katy-K

Today’s podcast episode features renowned psychic-medium & spiritual mentor, Katy-K. This is Katy-K’s 2nd time here as a featured podcast guest.


In our chat you are going to learn –


+ How to connect to your own unique psychic powers

+ How to interpreting the symbols & signs you are receiving

+ How to learn to trust in your psychic abilities

+ If everybody has psychic abilities

+ If you need to be spiritual to be psychic


Katy-K is also introducing her new book “The Modern Oracle” to us today, which she has been created to teach us how to connect to our psychic powers.


Resources Katy-K refers to in our conversation –

Arthur Findlay College – https://www.arthurfindlaycollege.org/



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