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Join Kaye for this incredible virtual/online event on the 3/3/2022, where she will hold space, to help you to learn how to –
+ Dream through your 2022 Vision
+ Manifest your Heart’s Desires in 2022
+ Create the Space for your vision to come through
+ Embrace “Soul Expansion” as your new way of being in your life
+ Integrate all this into your life on the daily
+ Invite LIFE in to support you in more amazing ways than you can ever imagine
+ Consciously Create
+ Live Life on Purpose
+ Use your Intuitive Superpowers to Create your Life Experiences
Kaye is helping Women + Teens to transform their lives in the most incredible ways, through sharing her powerful & unique mind, body, soul teachings.
Through her intuitive wellness events & online masterclasses like this one, you will learn to how to harness the power of your own unique intuitive superpowers, to create on purpose and create a life which is fulfilling, content and exciting for you.

Are you ready?
Join an amazing community of women and teens to support you on your journey!

If you’re tired of feeling like life is controlling you.
If you’re tired of living like it’s ground hog day, where each day looks and feels the same.
If you’re tired of feeling anxious, stressed & frustrated on the daily.
Kaye’s teachings are transforming lives & will transform yours, if you are ready & even if you are not ready…..jump on this incredible personal development journey with her NOW. 

Kaye is helping her clients to:
+ Harness the expansive power of your mind & imagination
+ Connect + trust in your own unique wisdom
+ Create a Lifestyle that will support your 2022 Vision
+ Experience success in every area of your life.. career, relationships, personal fulfilment & wealth
+ Connect to peace & inner contentment that already resides within your heart
+ Live a life that is intuitively guided
+ Blossom into the person, you truly desire to be
+ Create + express yourself through your Heart Space Connection NOW
Kaye is a Sunshine Coast based Energy Healer, Mindset Coach & Former Elite Athlete, who has created her own amazing success in the areas of life, connected to her soul’s desires….This is the key to manifesting!

Kaye spent 15 years competing at the highest level in Australia, as an elite footballer.
Beyond football, Kaye has spent the last 20 years, empowering herself, acquiring her Bachelor Degree in Human Movements Studies, certifying herself as a Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Lightworker & Wellness Coach & brings her own unique flavour to her amazing & inspiring empowerment teachings, blending her life experiences & extensive knowledge to empowering women + teens worldwide.

Kaye supports & cheers on her clients to
+ Believe in their dreams
+ Take Inspired & Imperfect Action in your Life
+ Own your own unique magic
+ Harness your Intuitive Superpowers to Create on Purpose in your Life
+ Transform your Thoughts & Take Back Control in your Life
+ Feel Empowered, Fulfilled & Excited on the Daily.


It was wonderful and I’m so grateful for all the messages that came through as well and also the awesome out of body experience I had. It was beyond everything I hoped for

- Sereena -

This event is for Women + Teens who are ready to
+ Start feeling amazing in your skin
+ Harness your Intuitive Superpowers
+ Manifest your Heart’s Desires on Purpose
+ Take the Inspired Actions Necessary to Create a Life you Love
+ Connect to your Infinite Abundant Energy Source to Create a Life you Love
+ Shine your light brighter than ever before
+ Create a life where you feel confident to express your Soul’s Essence NOW

Kaye's Soul Teachings come from the life experiences she has manifested into her life which are always connected to her hearts desires.

You will learn how she -
+Surrounds herself with an inspiring support network of fabulous people in her life
+Trust in her intuition, to heal her own body
+Commits to the personal growth and evolvement of her 20 year soul mate relationship with her best friend & husband
+Embraces a conscious co-parenting philosophy with her husband, in nurturing, supporting and guiding their two teenage daughters
+Her Heart’s Creation, her wellness BIZ, Soul2SoulWellness which is intuitively guided
+Applied visualisation/manifesting techniques in her 15 year sporting career, including State/International representation
+Is continuing to create happiness, health and wealth in her life
+Consciously manifests her travel adventures into being, including; backpacking through Europe, taking her children back to their grandparent's homelands in Mauritius & Greece, attending the FIFA World Cup, holidaying in some incredible countries and more

Is it time to take your life to the next level in every area?


  • The Extra-Ordinary eBook

  • Mini Meditations for Busy Mama's Bundle

  • Self Care Guide

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