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Did you know that we can manifest what we want into our lives using 

simply our thoughts, words and actions?

This is a simple, yet powerful tool I've been experimenting with now, for a long time,

 in my own life, and I want you to be able to use it too.  

Now, if you'd told me 20 years ago, how my life was about to play out, I definitely would not have believed you. Looking back on the very full...

Connections are our soul's way of validating our belonging in this world! 

When we know we have a safe place to fall in our vulnerable moments, we know intrinsically that we are deeply loved and valued for our existence. 

Our soul connections show themselves in many different ways in our relationships - Our relationship with ourselves, our relationship to the power that created us, our rel...

The thought of loving yourself through each day can be a really tough one for some of us to process, because perhaps it’s a concept that has been introduced to us as adults and feels foreign to us at first. Learning a different way of being takes time, especially for someone like me who grew up believing it was way more important to put everybody else's needs before her own.  

A lot...

My intuition is EVERYTHING to me!

I make all my decisions in my life, based on my intuition.

The more I trust it, the more I listen to it, the stronger my intuition becomes.

Trusting my own instincts when it comes to raising my children, nurturing the special relationships in my life and looking after my own personal well-being has helped me build self confidence in all these areas of my life.

I have...

Did you know that our dreams are only one of the beautiful ways, our

universe communicates with us and that we are being guided in every moment?

Whether you are spiritual or not, it doesn’t matter,

all of us are connected to a power that is greater than ourselves.

My conscious journey into spirituality over the past decade, has been equally mind blowing as it has been heart opening all at the same ti...

When life delivers us challenging situations like the diagnosis of a chronic illness, the sudden death of a loved one, being terminated from your place of employment or even a marriage breakdown, we need time to process what this fully means to us.

It’s also vitally important to let yourself fully process your feelings, because these situations can trigger all sorts of emotions including shock, sad...

I believe our strengths are our superpowers and I absolutely love spending time with my clients, identifying their strengths and helping them to pin point the areas of their lives where they feel most confident in. 

Most of us are so busy getting on with our daily lives that we rarely stop to take a deeper look at what makes us successful in life or alternatively, what may be holding...

Hey Beautiful,

I have 3 Q's for you! 

Are you living a life filled which is meaningful to you?

Are you happy with the direction your life is heading right now?


Are you looking for a way to add more meaning to your day to day grind? 

Before I became a mum, my husband and I were free to come and go as we please, we threw ourselves into our respective careers, saving as much money as we could along the...

I definitely attribute my love of travel to the memorable holidays that my parents took my family away on when I was young. I was fortunate to travel overseas twice as a young girl. Both holidays were to Mauritius, where Mum and Dad had both grown up. Most of our family holidays growing up were driving holidays up and down the east coast of Australia and as I grew older, Mum and Dad purchased a li...

What I know for sure in my life is that I’d rather focus on what makes me happy rather then what doesn’t. It takes much less energy to be happy and this is where I consciously shift my focus on a daily basis.  

When I was younger, I’d easily to get bogged down in what was not working for me in my life, especially if I felt I’d been harshly treated by others. I was quick to blame others for mistreat...

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