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January 8, 2020

In this weeks episode we build on last week’s episode about intuition.

Listen to this weeks podcast HERE

I will share with you exactly how I prefer to nurture my intuition, to deepen my own intuitive connection with myself. 

Now, my intuition is everything to me, I make all my decisions based on my intuition. The more I listen to her, the more I trust her, the stronger she becomes and more amazi...

December 18, 2019

In this episode I share with you why I believe our talents and gifts are our superpowers. I also teach you how to identify yours (yes, they already exist), so you can add value to your life right now.

Once we can identify the areas in our life that we feel confident in, this is the launching point for us in our lives to go to the next level.

Our strengths help us to thrive in life, why would we want...

December 14, 2019

In my latest episode of the podcast (listen HERE) I share with you, how your own manifesting experience will be unique to you.

I’ve been consciously manifesting for years, even before I knew what manifesting even was – Not everyone loves the word manifesting, so if this is you, you can interchanges words like “dreaming” “imagine” or “visualising.”

My own personal life experience has shown me, that p...

I believe are all looking for “connection”. Connection enables us to be seen, be heard and feel like we matter. 

Everyone of us needs “connection” to feel validated in our lives & to have the courage to live our lives on our terms.  

Connection comes in many forms and in many ways! 

When I think of connection, I personally think of my connection with…..

  • Nature 

  • Creative Expression

  • P...

November 26, 2019

So many of us are living in OVERWHELM 24/7! 

Can you relate? 

I know this, because this was me, feeling like I had to be able to be in control over EVERYTHING in my life. As the CEO of our household, I managed my family’s daily schedule, bookkeeping tasks, daily meals, groceries, present buying, dropping and picking up of our children, doctors appointments, walking our dogs, sporting activities an...

The one thing I can always rely on, when I’m struggling or seeking a solution to a problem, is to take myself out into nature. Whether that be going for a walk, a swim in the ocean or sitting down in a park, nature has a way of helping me find the solution to my problems. The solution to whatever I’m mulling over, inevitably, comes to me, through inspired thought, when I take the time to connect w...


Nourishment is the gift, we give ourselves in life so we can thrive and not just survive, and is essential to living the life, I know you dream of for yourself. Life wants us to take care of ourselves, nourish ourselves, so we can be open to fully receiving all the amazing opportunities and experiences she has to offer us, in the infinite miraculous ways that she likes to surprise us....

My intuition speaks to me primarily, when I’m relaxed and chilling, often flowing through for me in the form of ideas, through a sense of knowing & or through visions  I experience in my dream state.

Spending time on my own, enables me to connect with my inner guidance & the more time I spend on my own, the more proficient I am becoming at recognising the different ways my intuition speaks to...


I have spent too many hours comparing myself to others in my life. 

I'm pretty sure I spent most of my twenties, comparing myself to my friends & my siblings. I’d wonder why, I couldn’t find a boyfriend, when my besties & my brother, were already  married and were starting to have children of their own. My sister too had met her soul mate and they’d been together for 7-8 yrs already. So...


We need to feel great, to do great things in our life,

so how does this resonate with you? 

What does feeling great, look like for you, in your life? 

The reason, I pose this question, is because feeling great, means different things, to different people. What I need in my life to feel great, could be and most likely, looks very differ...

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