I've created these "Mini-Meditations 4 Busy Mamas" like myself, 

who crave "ME" time every day & would love to be able to just hit the pause button for just a few minutes to re-connect, slow down and catch your breath. 

If you are drowning in overwhelm right now.....

If anxiety takes over on a daily basis.....

If you want to meditate, but don't know where to start.....

If you 5-10 minutes is all the time you can spare.....

I've created these mini-meditations for you.

All you need is small pockets of time, to pause & re-set and allow my soothing voice to guide you back to yourself. 

It''s time to start taking the small baby steps, to feeling content and relaxed. 

Purchasing this serene "Mini-Meditations 4 Busy Mamas" Album will give you
instant access to the following 4 x 3-5min meditation tracks -

Please click the "play" button bellow to listen to a preview of each individual track.

These meditations are perfect for women, new to meditation. ​

Allow me to hold your hand on this journey back to yourself. 

This is your first step, to turning anxiety and overwhelm on it's head,

and restoring peace and calm in your world. 

Included in my mini-meditations 4 busy mamas, is my bonus track "DREAM BIG" 

+ "Mini Meditations 4 Busy Mamas" plays best through itunes.

+ Please use your desktop or laptop to down-load this digitial file.

+ Please note, this album should not be listened to whilst driving. 


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