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I've created these "Mini-Meditations 4 Busy Mamas"

who crave "ME" time & would love to be able to hit the pause button for just a few minutes each day.

As a busy mama to my two gorgeous daughters, Giselle & Bronte,

I know how hard it can be to make time to have a shower, let alone to meditate.

I discovered meditation through yoga initially and loved how it made me feel.  My mind is always ticking over (sometimes too much) & I find that when I sit down for just a few minutes to collect my thoughts & "just breathe" it calms my mind chatter & reduces my anxiety levels.

I also find that when I meditate in the morning, I enjoy my day much more than if I rush through my morning trying to get everybody ready & out the door on time.

I feel so passionate about the positive impact this has made in

my life, that I knew I had to find a way to share this with other busy mamas in the world.

Purchasing this serene "Mini-Meditations 4 Busy Mamas" Album will give you
instant access to the following 4 x 3-5min meditation tracks -

Please click the "play" button bellow to listen to a preview of each individual track.

These meditations are perfect for listening to at any time of the day to calm your mind chatter & reduce stress levels & anxiety. Meditation Newbies will also find these simple guided meditations easy to follow.


Would you also be interested in introducing your son or daughter to meditation?

I've included an 8min bonus track called "Dream Big" which has been created specifically with your child in mind - This meditation will take you both on an imaginary adventure & is a terrific way to introduce your child to meditation in a fun way.  Most importantly, "Dream Big" has received a massive tick of approval from my 2 gorgeous daughters - Super creative kids & deep thinkers alike will love "Dream Big".

+ "Mini Meditations 4 Busy Mamas" plays best through itunes.

+ Please use your desktop or laptop to down-load this digitial file.

+ Please note, this album should not be listened to whilst driving.