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family means everything!!!!!

My family mean everything to me & I love them to bits!!!!! I lovingly encourage my daughters to believe in themselves & to always shine their beautiful lights into the world & the only way I can be authentic with my motive is to “walk my talk” right?

So each day I honour this gift that is motherhood by making the daily commitment to

+ Nourish myself from within.

+ Infuse love into everything I do.

+ Cultivate a foundation of incredible self belief – this is still a work in progress for me!

I know that when I honour my own personal development, I am positively influencing my gorgeous girls in their own lives & when you are super passionate about being a “mumma” you will always do everything in your power to give your children every fabulous opportunity to develop into incredible young women & men.

Start exactly where you are.....this is the perfect place to begin!

+ Cultivate a super positive mindset

Meditation is a great place to start when you begin to transform your mindset.

I’ve included a few of my “go to” meditations below to help you get started & if you are already meditating (you rock!!!!!), you might like to mix up the flavour of your meditation & explore some new meditative experiences.

+ What nourishment do you need today?

Ask yourself this question every morning, listen to the subtle answer which will pop up in your mind & take inspired action.

You are worth the effort & I’m here to hold your hand through this journey.

If you feel you need extra support on your wellness journey, I would love to help you to create the amazing life you deserve. I’m currently experiencing incredible success in my coaching practice mentoring women & athletes & this has generated an influx of gorgeous interest into my mentoring services – I am super grateful to able to do this work in the world & I would absolutely love to partner with you too on your unique wellness journey!

I have included my range of services below for you & if you are super keen to get cracking, please register your interest by contacting me via my “work with me” page above.

1v1 appointments available worldwide via skype & phone

+ Health & Wellness Coaching

+ Positive Mindset Mentoring

+ Intuitive Chakra Healing Consultations (in person) – Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

Women’s Wellness Circles (Caloundra, Sunshine Coast)

+ Soul2Soul Sisters – Monthly Women's Circle

+ Positive Vibe Tribe – Weekly Women's Support Circle

Have a beautiful day!




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