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3 Wonderful Ways to use Crystals.....

Hey Gorgeous, Did you know that crystals are an amazing soul tool to keep stashed in your wellness toolkit? The beautiful crystal showcased above is one I have in my own crystal portfolio & has the beautiful name CITRINE. CITRINE is a wonderful crystal which I use to tune into abundance in EVERY area of my life. CITRINE is also known to bring joy, optimism & assists with courage & mental clarity. It helps you to overcome fears & embrace your inner power. There are SO many ways to use crystals & here are 3 wonderful ways I love to use crystals. Intention Setting I hold my crystal of choice in my hand, close my eyes & begin to inhale & exhale slowly in & out focussing my attention on the crystal in my hand. I then "make a wish" & I visualise my wish & embed my intention into the crystal. Intuitive Healing Sessions I always use crystals in my intuitive healing sessions with my clients. The crystals assist with healing, fast tracking your recovery & restoring energy levels in my client's energy field. I always love hearing my client's feedback after our intuitive healing sessions & the more open you are to this kind of healing, the more effective the healing. Personal Meditation Practice

My daily meditation practice is as precious to me as nourishing my body with good food, sleep & exercise. It is a necessary component in my wellness toolkit & I often lay my crystals on my individual chakra points to raise my vibration & clear any energy blocks in my body. E.G If i have a headache I will use SELENITE & place it between my eyebrows to improve mental clarity & to release the tension in this area of my body.

My SUPER effective AND easy wellness tip for you..... Here are a few more ways you can use crystals!!!!! + Carry them in your handbag to absorb negative energy + Wear them around your neck or on your wrist as a necklace or bracelet + Put one in your pillowcase at night before you go to sleep + They make a great heart-centred gift to someone you love dearly Do you have a growing crystal collection like myself? If so, I'd love to hear about your crystal collection & your favourite way to use them in your home

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