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I move through many different circles in my life, including sporting & parenting circles, I'm friends with my old & new soccer teammates & girlfriends whom I've bonded with through my daughter’s schools. I’ve a large extended family, including the beautiful family I was welcomed into, when I married my husband, I meet lots of diverse people through our family business S2S Floors and of course the beautiful souls who I've connected with through my own business Soul2SoulWellness. Over the years, I’ve learnt to get comfortable with that uncomfortable feeling we can sometimes feel when we meet someone new, and I've really loved learning how to connect with a diverse group of people from many different walks of life.

I have a natural curiosity and inquisitiveness when it comes to listening to people’s personal stories. It gives me a beautiful insight into their personality, which I always find absolutely fascinating. I’m especially drawn to those who have lived a long life here on this earth. I love, love, love, listening to their stories, listening to them reminisce about a time in their life, where I didn’t even exist - I learn so much from these beautiful souls, appreciate the time they spend with me, and I carry the wisdom they always pass on to me in my heart.

Over the years, in my conversations with others, I’ve found at times, that I consciously choose to dim my light, and sometimes hold back on what I really want to share with them - I’m someone who loves to dive deep into a conversation, because this is where the magic lies for me - This is what my soul craves & gets super excited about - I mean, this is why I do the work that I do. I love talking about feelings & your state of being more than anything in the world, because I know that this where I can add value to a person’s life. Being able to help shift a person's mindset so that they feel empowered and more hopeful in their life, makes my heart skip with joy.

My intention going into every conversation I have, is for the person who I’m conversing with, to walk away feeling better for having chatted with me in this moment. I want people to feel good about themselves, because I believe we all deserve to feel that feeling every day.

Here’s the thing that I’ve come to realise.....

What if holding back on speaking my whole truth, means,

that the person people I’m speaking to,

doesn’t get to hear the whole message that the

universe is hoping they will receive in this moment?

Am I doing them a disservice?

What if, speaking my truth, really isn’t about me?

Rather perhaps it’s the universe using simply one of it’s infinite magical ways to communicate to us, through the power of conversation. I often chat candidly with the checkout person in the supermarket who scans my groceries and the person serving me through the Mc Donalds drive thru, the courier who delivers a parcel to my front door & my local neighbour who I exchange pleasantries with as I'm walking our dogs past their home.

The little gold nuggets of wisdom that land in my lap, are sometimes welcomed and at other times not and they often come when I least expect it - A conversation with a stranger sparks an idea for my business, a heated debate with my husband or my daughters delivers a truth bomb that I really needed to hear, or an amazing conversation with a girlfriend on the sideline of my daughter’s oztag game reminds me to have more fun in my life.

What I’ve come to realise, is EVERY moment, is an opportunity to speak your truth.

You just don’t know who you are about to inspire with your words,


Your words are SO powerful and HOW you deliver them is powerful too.

I’ve had a couple of moments this year, where, I’ve chosen to speak my truth forcefully and at the time, I did not know why I was doing it, however, it was needed to neutralise the unstable situation that was unfolding in front of me. Even though, I’m a pretty calm person, and it can feel vulnerable to do so, I do believe that there can be times where you need to rise to the energy of a situation, to speak your truth, and to be heard.

So if you are doubting yourself, when it comes to speaking your truth, please know, that if your intention is pure and loving, and you deliver your words with this in mind, your words will be felt. That's right, felt! We listen with our hearts, and pick up on the vibration when someone speaks. So when someone speaks their truth to you, listen with your heart, and then if you respond from your heart, even if it feels vulnerable, you are helping to make the world a much better place to live in, by speaking your truth.

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