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Parenting an Intuitively Gifted Child!

Today, I feel called to share with you my insights on the importance of supporting our highly intuitive tweens and teens right now.

Everyone has intuitive abilities, including our  young people and each young person has differing types of intuitive abilities!

As a parent of two highly intuitive daughters, I feel compelled to continue educating myself, on the topic of intuition, so I can understand  both my daughter’s intuitive abilities and be able to converse with them on this topic.

You see, my daughters have different intuitive abilities, than I do and rightly so – In fact, it’s probably the same in your home too!

When you can help your tween or teen understand what their intuitive abilities are and how to trust in them, you are effectively connecting them to their super power in life.

Their superpower becomes their inner bestie, that they can rely on for EVERYTHING and it gives you peace of mind as a parent, knowing that your child can use their intuition to guide them through life.

You see, our intuition is here to look after us and guide us, and this is why I’m so passionate about sharing this information.

You don’t live in fear, when you know that your intuition has your back – It’s this simple.

In fact, both my daughter’s visit their favourite energy healer, a couple of times a year, to that it is perfectly normal to have these abilities, and see her use her abilities to bring through information to them specifically. They trust her, she speaks to them on a level that they understand and they feel completely loved and supported by her, and she’s a lot of fun.

So, if you don’t understand this topic, yet, have a child who you know is highly intuitive, then why not start educating yourself on this topic, so you can empower yourself and in turn empower your child.

If you’d prefer them to learn from someone who is trained in this area, then you can reach out to someone like myself, who works with tweens and teens on a regular basis. Someone who comes highly recommended, is a good place to start, can walk you through the process in a simple way, so you can feel confident supporting your child.

Someone like myself, can offer numerology readings, card readings and energy readings for you and/or your tween or teen, and can show them how we use our intuition, to bring through information in real time – It gives them proof, that they are not crazy, and can show them, how embracing their super power in their own life, can add value to their life in so many ways.

It’s a pretty amazing experience, the very first time you experience something like this.

A lot of women I work with, often speak to me privately, about their children’s abilities, and I know that we need to provide support to our younger generation, to normalise this topic, so that they can learn to raise their own vibration in confidence.

I can see, that there is a shift towards holistic well-being now, embracing the concept of mind, body, spirit wholeness and wellness, which is terrific, and trusting you intuition, is taking it to the next level again.  A lot of tweens and teens I meet, are scared by their abilities, when they need not be, I want them to see this as a positive thing in their life. If we don’t support them, they can ultimately become -highly anxious, withdraw from their trusted circle because they feel mis-understood and live in fear on a regular basis.

I want our younger generation to be able live a fulfilling life, and this includes understanding their intuitive abilities – Remember, we all have them, you do too, have soul mama!

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