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I'm Kaye

I’m so glad your intuition led you here.

Are you ready to deepen your connection and deepen your contentment?

Are you ready to find the inner peace that currently eludes you? 


Well, I’ve got some good news; you happen to be in the right place.

Let me guess…

You’re a woman who leans into her intuition

to guide you from moment to moment.  


You love playing with angel cards and doing

mini card readings for yourself. 




You crave soul nourishing connection. 


Your intuition is your best friend.


She continues to impact your life in the most amazing way.  


You'd love to continue nurturing her, because the more you nurture her, the better you feel.

My monthly online soul sister circle may just be the sacred space for you.


Are you ready to be welcomed into this beautiful space?


Upcoming Circle - 7.30 -9pm - Thursday, 27th August 2020


Michelle Eckles, Meditation Sunshine Coast

I absolutely loved my first Soul Sister Circle! I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was exactly what I needed and it exceeded my expectations. 
The group was warm, supportive and nurturing and I loved sharing our insights. 
It was so nice to do something that was solely for me and I’m looking forward to next month. 

Sandy Galloway

Soul Sister Circle is spending quality ‘me’ time, for ‘my’ self care, and to build confidence within myself around supportive beautiful likeminded souls. I loved Kaye’s meditation at the beginning of the session to bring our energy into the circle, and the intuitive card readings for each other!
We discuss different aspects of ‘you’ that make you unique in the ways in which you receive your intuition. You will have a lot of ‘ah huh’ moments, because you will say ‘me too’. It’s a great confirmation to know that you are not alone, crazy or weird. It’ll open up your world, believe me x

Lisa Murray

As a mum, although I love my kids, two whole hours of “ME’ time in this circle once a month is bliss. It was nice to be able to chat about our intuition, meditation, thoughts and ideas in a supportive group of ladies. Realising that we have similar experiences and goals. Looking forward to the next one

Yes, I want IN.


Online Soul Sister Circle 

This online Soul Sister Circle event is hosted in Zoom. 


I will intuitively share with you the themes, which reveal themselves to me each month.


This is an interactive class where I will also hold space for you to tune into your own guidance.

I will share with you my own insights, to help you connect with your own intuition.


This event is streamed live and a recorded version will also be emailed to you.


This means you can participate live and comment in real time with me.


You’ll also have the ability to replay this recording at a later date suitable to you.


We will meet virtually, on the first Thursday of each month , where we will


spend 60-90 minutes together diving deep into the themes of the month,

meditate together & I will give you practical guidance to help you nurture your intuitive abilities.



You can sign up for 1 class ($44 per monthly circle)




a 6 class pass ($33 per monthly circle)



a 12 class pass ($22 per monthly circle)

Once you sign up, an email will be sent with instructions on what to do next.