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Hi I’m Kaye,


I’m so glad your intuition led you here.

Are you ready to deepen your connection and deepen your contentment?

Are you ready to find the inner peace that currently eludes you? 


Well, I’ve got some good news; you happen to be in the right place.

Let me guess… you’re a woman who embraces the kind of life where your inner knowing, guides you from day to day, moment to moment. 


You crave soul nourishing connection and a heart focussed approach to life. You crave to develop your intuition, live a more meaningful life and connect with like-hearted sisters more regularly in a safe space. 


My monthly online soul sister circle may just be the community you’re looking to connect with.


This is a community of like minded women, dedicated to nurturing their intuition and deepening their mindset.

Online Soul Sister Circle 

with Kaye Vlachos

The Soul Sister Circle is a Zoom event; where Kaye intuitively guides you to share the themes which reveal themselves to her. This is an interactive class where you will actively tune into your own intuitive guidance.


Kaye will share practical wisdom which you can integrate into your life immediately.


This event is streamed live and a recorded version will also be emailed to you. This means you can participate live and comment in real time with me. You’ll also have the ability to rewatch at a later date.


We will meet on the first Thursday of each month (TBC), we will spend 60-90 minutes together diving deep, exploring and continuing to nurture your intuitive abilities. Each topic of discussion will be posted on this website in advance. 


You can sign up for 1 class at $40 or you can purchase a 3 class pass at $30 each, which will give you to access to the upcoming 3 classes. 


Once you sign up, an email will be sent with instructions on what to do next.