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Feeling stuck in your life?

Your anxiety is through the roof?

A 1 on 1 Mindset Mastery Session will help you bust through your limiting beliefs and give you the courage to take positive action in your life.

Life is short, let's do this together and let's do this NOW.

Mindset Mastery is available "in person" on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia and via ZOOM, for distance mentoring, worldwide.

I absolutely love the work I do, and working with me, will benefit you, if you are a woman who is ready to:

+ Nurture a deeper intuition connection with yourself

+ Trust in your own intuitive guidance to take the lead in your life

+ Discover the ways that your inner guidance speaks to you

+ Re-connect with yourself

+ Learn how to master your mindset

I am here to support you, and helping you to identify, when your INTUITION is calling your attention. 

  We connect digitally via Zoom.


During our 1hr session together, I share with you my INTUITIVE INSIGHTS, in addition, to teaching you how to recognise the ways in which your intuition communicates with you.

We are ALL intuitive, our intuition guides each and every one of us in different ways. I will help you to identify the way your intuition speaks to you, in our session together, this will give you confidence moving forward to trust in your intuitive guidance, moving forward in your life.

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Kelli Greenway

Thank you soo much Kaye for opening up my spiritual world that little bit more & giving me the experience of energy healing. The energy in your hands blew me away & I am very grateful for the messages that came through for me. I learnt a lot yesterday & have already had a positive sign today. I’m soo glad I gave it a go even though I had no idea what to expect..... thank you xx

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Kristi Pritchard

I saw Kaye for a healing at a very difficult time in my life. Kaye has such a positive, uplifting personality and made me feel very at ease throughout. After my healing I felt very grounded and so much more at peace with my situation. I highly recommend Kaye for her healing work.

Taliah Collins

I had an energy healing with beautiful Kaye on Monday and it was the best experience. I’ve always been so intrigued with energy healing and Kaye is the perfect person to see. The healing gave me so much clarity on things going on in  my life and gave me a sense of re-assurance as well. It was such an amazing experience and I highly recommend seeing Kaye

Jenny Self

Kaye has helped to guide me along the path of my journey to look within.
She inspires me to speak my truth and listen to and trust my intuition
(something that I now know has always been with me.)

Kaye has a natural ability to connect deeply with all that surrounds her,
and her light shines strong and bright.

With much love, Jen. Xxx

Seerena Collins

It was wonderful and I’m so grateful for all the messages that came through as well and also the awesome out of body experience I had. It was beyond everything I hoped for

Mindset Mastery 1:1 Testimonials

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Kaye helped me to find the light in my life I needed in tough times. Kaye is a beautiful spiritual light and she taught me how to find that light within myself in order to succeed and find happiness and strength in everything I set my mind too.

I have never connected with someone so well as I have with her, I am grateful for the knowledge she has taught me through her beautiful energy and healing techniques. Kaye you’re amazing!

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​Kaye has helped myself find direction when I’ve been lost in so many different emotions. I have learnt how to listen and follow my intuition through Kaye’s wise knowledge and spirit. Whether it be setting new goals, re-connecting to the self or to expand your spiritual world, I recommend this journey with Kaye through love and light.


Kaye’s one on one sessions has helped me through multiple aspects of life. Whether it be Kaye’s wise advice helping me find happiness within myself or to trust my “gut feeling” by learning from Kaye’s spiritual knowledge, I’ve gained so much from Kaye’s sessions. I recommend them to anyone needing guidance through life.  


Kaye's heart shines through from the moment you meet her. Her warm, enthusiastic nature instantly makes our teen students feel comfortable and they hang on her every word as she shares practical, wise and engaging tips with them.

Equally, adults have found her authenticity really speaks to them.

After seeing Kaye with my teen students I knew I had to invite her to be a guest teacher
in our online Youth Mentor Training and Kaye's video is always a favourite amongst our students.


Where do you start when trying to explain the impact one person has had on your child’s life?
Kaye has been part of Lisa’s journey for 2yrs now. From self doubt to nervousness,
Kaye has instilled crucial tools to conquering the mind and encouraging self belief.

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