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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you only work with women?
A - I primarily work with my soul sisters.


Don't be fooled though, my soul sisters also often ask me to work with their husbands, husband's mates, boyfriends, teens, tweens & their mums too, so I welcome an amazing variety of people into my healing room. 

Q - Do you only work with adults?
A - No, I also work with young adults, teens, tweens, boys, girls & athletes. I spent many years as an elite athlete and still mentor athletes in my mentoring practice, 1on1 and through hosting "Team Bonding Workshops".

Q - What will an energy healing help me with?
A - A healing with me, will help you gain clarity, shift the energy which is stuck in your body, help you find courage to do the things you really want to do, connect you back to your heart space if you’re feeling disconnected & elevate your energy levels again.

Q - Do healings help with things like anxiety, overwhelm, feeling fearful, anger, feel helpless, frustration, nervousness, sadness & lack of self confidence?
A - YES! YES! YES! When you come for a healing, I hold space for you to clear what ever you need to clear in this moment. Healings can help with anything you are focused on your life and I actually love when my clients integrate regular healings into their wellness routine, to ensure their energy levels and positive attitude to life is maintained a level which inspires them to live their best life.


We all need to look after our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. So many of us look after the physical and are not aware that our spiritual, emotional and mental wellness is just as important. Healings help you will all four areas, this is why people love having them & my clients keep coming back, for their spiritual mojo top ups & alignments.

Q - How do I know when I need a healing? How do I know if I need to come back?
A - Your intuition will give you a nudge or a push - You will start thinking about healings, the idea of enjoying a healing, keeps popping up in your mind or you are struggling in life and the support of someone like myself, just be what you need to help you navigate this struggle - It is through our struggles that we grow most and learn most about ourselves. 


I get excited when my clients who are struggling, come to see me for support, because I know they are about to open their hearts & from this grow a little or a lot more.  


Some of my clients have never had healing before, so I welcome a lot of newly awakened spiritual souls, who are super curious into my healing room too. 

Q - Is it normal to feel nervous about receiving a healing?
A - Some of my clients feel nervous and others are super excited. Your feelings are yours, feeling excited or nervous are just different forms of energy - Healings with me are really gentle, relaxing sessions - I want you leaving my healing room feeling like you’ve been supported and you’re in a very safe space. This is your special time to give yourself the self care you deserve!

Q - Do you work with your clients world wide?
A - YES - I can work with anyone, anywhere. This is the wonder of technology, you can receive a phone reading/healing with me, a zoom video reading/healing or an in person healing here on the Sunshine Coast.

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