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I feel like my story is divided into several parts - all super relevant - making up the different parts of the woman I am today.

Home Life


I grew up, like millions of young children here in Australia, did, as the daughter of immigrants, who migrated here to Australia from a little tropical island in the middle of the Indian ocean, called Mauritius.

My parents came here for a better life, as newly weds, taking a huge leap of faith, leaving their families behind at home. They worked hard to set up a new life for themselves. Over time, they were then joined by most of their brothers and sisters, who also decided to move out here to Australia, although one of my Aunties, chose to move to the USA and still resides there, and another Auntie remained in Mauritius, rather than following her siblings.

Our life revolved around volleyball, soccer and lots of Mauritian parties. I have such fond memories, of eating, dancing and drinking at these get togethers, which brought so much joy to my life. Our Mauritian family & friends, were a huge part of my parent’s support network here in Australia.

The eldest of 3 children (2 girls, 1 boy), we had a pretty care free existence, right up until the time, at 7rs young, where I sadly witnessed my  younger sister, be hit by a car at one of my parent’s volleyball matches. This was traumatic time for all of us, especially my sister & completely changed the way we lived our lives. My sister, thank god, survived this tragic accident, almost losing her lower left leg, but with the amazing medical care she received, and with the support of our close family friends, in due course, life resumed back to normal for us.


Athlete in the making…..


I was born into a sporty family, so playing sport, was a no brainer in my house.

In fact, my mum and dad were both talented volleyballers, and mum played volleyball up to 8mths pregnant with me in her belly. Then at 6wks of age, she and dad tucked me snuggle into my basinette and we hopped on a train from Sydney to Cairns, to play in a volleyball competition.

I grew up on volleyball courts and soccer fields, and so it was no surprise, that I was keen to pull on a pair of football boots, just like my dad and my little brother did. The only thing standing between me and my desire to kick a footy, was my mum. She was hesitant at first, to let her daughter play soccer, because back then, not many girls played soccer.

I was lucky then (or was it written in the stars), when one day, whilst watching my brother play, a club official was walking around, searching for girls for their girls soccer team. My mum was still hesitant, but saw the excitement in my eyes, and let me jump on the field, right there and then, and I never looked back. I went on to score my very first goal in my very first game, win a can of soft drink for my efforts, and my sporting career was born.

In the next 15 years, soccer became the main love in my life, and I loved my life so much, because of how much joy, the friendships and exciting times came from playing soccer. My whole life pretty much revolved around my sporting commitments. My poor brother and sister were dragged to tournament after tournament, supporting me, and only now, do I realise what a pain that would have been for them. There were hard times too, and in many ways playing soccer, helped form my character as a person.  I worked hard for many years as an elite athlete, earning representation at all levels here in Australia, through the junior, youth and senior ranks.

Then in 1999, struggling with the highs and lows that sport can bring, with a heaviness in my heart, I hung up my boots, and moved into the next chapter of my life.

Learning, when it’s time to say goodbye to something you love with all your heart, is tough, but what, I didn’t realise and probably couldn’t fathom at the time, was that life had much bigger plans for me.


How I met my hubby…..


Manifesting my hubby into my life (YES, I did indeed do this) – Not long after retiring from soccer, I knew I really wanted to get married, and create a family of my own. I knew the power of manifesting through my sporting career, and thought I’d give it a shot – What did I have to lose? So I wrote down in my journal all the qualities I was looking for in my soul mate for life, and then got on with my life.

A few months later, after being invited to an election party of all things (Truth be told, I was living on my own at the time, and didn’t want to spend another Saturday night home alone), I remember having an internal conversation with myself, that went something like this….

“Feel like going out tonight Kaye?”


“So, you’re going to spend another Saturday night, home alone, with doritoes and sweet chilli and sour cream dip for dinner?”


“You are never ever going to meet anyone, sitting at home alone in front of the TV, so put some clothes on, and go out with your friends”

I never in my wildest dreams, believed, I would meet someone that night.

 Little did I know, my life was about to change forever. There weren’t very many people at this party, which forced all of us to chat, and I remember listening to this one guy talk and I found him really funny .. I remember also liking his shoes – It was all about the shoes for me back then.

I found later that he had no intention of staying long at this party because he had another party to go to…He never did make it to his second party that night.

Later that night he asked for my number, and almost twenty years later, we’ve proven what a great team we are, riding the highs and lows in our life together, and guess what? 

He still makes me laugh (Thank God).



Stay at home mama…..


I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mum, I don’t know why, it was just a feeling deep in my gut, which guided me to stay at home with my children, when they were young. It felt like the right thing for myself and my family. I was not to know, how bloody hard it would be, and yet in hindsight, it was one of the most rewarding times in my life.

Looking after my daughters, whilst my hubby, worked hard to provide for us, also sparked my deep journey and interest in, mindset, intuition, well-being and spirituality.

I used this time at home with my daughters, to keep learning and signed up for many online courses, to better myself and to help learn how to provide an amazing quality of life for my family.

I never do things in halves, and being a high achiever, devoting myself to being an amazing mama is one of my priorities in my life, still to this day. 

When you become a mum, you start to realise that life is much bigger than yourself. The miracle of birthing a child, is enough, to make you realise that there is a much deeper meaning to our lives, and for me, this was enough, to go looking for this deeper meaning, and I’m still deep into this journey today…..



Business Woman…..


The last few years, my hubby and I, along with our amazing team, have been building our family business S2S Commercial Floors Australia Pty Ltd. A business we are both really super proud of, and another one of our dreams coming to reality for us both. It was a business, that was born out of a challenging situation - which many are - which has become a thriving biz, that not only supports our family, but the lives of our fabulous S2S team as well.  

My husband found himself out of work, a few years ago, having been let go, from his previous position, and it is surprising, how when life decides to throw you a curveball, and you have a young family to support, a mortgage to pay, that you somehow, find the inner strength, to rise up to the challenge presented to you – We struggled for a period of time, trying to find our feet, but, again, just like the support my parents had around them, when my sister was struck by a car, our family and friends rallied around us. This support, along with our desire to do well in life, was enough, for us, to dig deep, and keep putting one foot in front of the other, get back on track, reflect, re-set and choose a new path.

Together, my hubby and I are now living the life we always dreamed of together, and we are a phenomenal team. Life for us, is more enjoyable, when we experience it together, and we cheer each other on in life.

Now, I’m stepping out on my own, to inspire women, to create, design and build the life you dream for yourself, through my online home, providing you with resources and support, to empower yourself in your own life. What I’ve learnt in life, is that when you rise up in your own life, you subconsciously, inspire others to do the same in their own lives………and what an amazing position I am in, to be able to do this.


Travel Adventures…..

My heart desires to travel, when one holiday finishes, I am that person, who is already planning her next travel adventure.

Travel fills my heart, expands my soul and has helped me to connect with the most amazing people around the world.

As a youngster, my parents loved taking us on driving holidays up and down the east coast of Australia, and I was blessed to travel to Mauritius twice and Singapore with them. Back then international holidays were hard to come by, and took a lot of time, for families to save up for. So I was lucky, to experience this.

Sport, also provided me with many opportunities to travel within Australia as well as internationally to compete.

In my mid twenties, choosing to take a hiatus from sport, I travelled through Europe for 6mths, with 2 girlfriends, which was amazing.

My family, chooses to spend our money on experiences. Experiences enable us to continue creating magical memories together, my daughters have travelled their whole lives, and I’m so thrilled to say, now have the travel bug too.


For us, life is more fun, when we can share our fun times together.


And Now…..


My hubby and I constantly figuring out this parenting journey together, with 2 high schoolers keeping us in check right now, 2 businesses & our 2 dogs, we are choosing a conscious existence, grateful for the blessings life has bestowed on us, and continuing to create and build a life of our own design.

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