Upcoming Events

I welcome you to join my live events, based on The Sunshine Coast.


Join Naomi & myself for an incredible evening of dancing.

+ Connect to your body in a way you may never have experienced before
+ Balance your Chakras through dance
+ Discover yourself through dance
+ Blending free flowing movement, sound & healing together in this event

The location is in the beautiful setting of The Farm, 14 Sattler Road, Meridan Plains

$33 per person.

Image by Gabby Conde

Your hosts, Kaye and Rashi look forward to spending the day with you. Our intention is to offer support and care to those that offer support and care to others in the community.

The day will include:
Yoga and mindfulness, connecting with your heart and soul to identify your authentic dreams and desires, connection and wisdom, trust in your intuitive guidance, tools and rituals to help, navigate life, fun, laughter and so much more...
The location is in the beautiful setting of The Farm, 14 Sattler Road, Meridan Plains

The ticket price of $150 includes: Morning and Afternoon Tea, and Lunch.

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kAYE-05 HRes.jpg

Crystal Sound
Healing Meditation

with Kat Moecks
28th November 2-3pm

Join us for our 1 hour meditation class, perfect for beginners to intermediate levels.

Welcoming teenagers aged 15 +, mums and dads.

This event is perfect for -

Stress Relief  |  Stress Management  |  Anxiety  |  Improve general well-being  |  Connecting with your intuition  |  Expanding & exploring your intuitive abilities  |  Learning to trust in the power of connecting to your breath is powerful.

Please allow us to hold space, for you to do this for yourself in this meditation circle.

Image by Gabby Conde

Teen Goddess Circle
Coming Soon  

My teen beauties have decided they want a circle devoted to them.

I'm excited, supporting teens to thrive is essential.

15-17yrs Teen Goddesses all welcome.

*Please note, my last event "Sold Out" with only 11 spaces available, this event is very intimate so book early to avoid disappointment.

Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Manifesting MoJo Workshop

Take back the power in your life and start living your life on purpose, creating the experiences your heart desires NOW!

It's time to start living your empowered life now, stop waiting for the perfect opportunity, because the perfect time is NOW.

In this amazing downloadable workshop, I share with you ALL my manifesting tips & go to's to bring into your life the experiences you've been desiring for such a long time.

It's all about transforming your own personal energy & taking positive action steps in your life.

I have been manifesting on purpose for years, and you can use my tips & go to's to manifest personal happiness & health, a fabulous family life, financial success & everything else you desire.

Are you ready?