Upcoming Events

I welcome you to join my live events, based on The Sunshine Coast.

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kAYE-05 HRes.jpg

Meditation Circle

16th of May

Join me for my 1 hour meditation class, perfect for beginners to intermediate levels.

Welcoming teens, mums and dads - 15 years +

This event is perfect for -

+ Stress Relief
+ Stress Management
+ Anxiety
+ Improve general well-being
+ Connecting with your intuition
+ Expanding & exploring your intuitive abilities

Learning to trust in the power of connecting to your breath is powerful.

Please allow me to hold space, for you to do this for yourself in this meditation circle.

Image by Gabby Conde

Teen Goddess Circle

6th of June

I invite you to my Teen Goddess Circle on the 6th of June from 2PM based at Sunshine Coast.

My teen beauties have decided they want a circle devoted to them.

I'm excited, supporting teens to thrive is essential.

15-17yrs Teen Goddesses all welcome.

Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Soul Sister Circle


I'd love to invite a beautiful group of like-hearted sisters into this sacred virtual space. ⁠

Are you feeling the vibe to join me? ⁠

We come together on a monthly basis, on the last Thursday evening of each month,to re-connect, support and grow together.  

If you feel drawn to nurturing and exploring your intuitive abilities in a circle, where you are supported by me, and encouraged to live the kind of life where your inner guidance shows you the way, then this is the online circle for you. ⁠

Today's global climate, is showing us, that we are being called to tune into ALL aspects of our life, right now, and this begins with our ability to tune into our own needs first, and from this space we can begin to thrive. ⁠

What will we do in this online circle - ⁠

Each month, I will introduce you to a variety of intuitive tools, I use to connect with my intuition. ⁠

I will guide you through a welcome meditation to help us tune into the theme of the evening. ⁠

This is an interactive space where I invite you to participate, so you will have the opportunity to tune into your own intuition, and bring your own inner guidance through in this safe space. ⁠

We will reflect on the themes that are presenting themselves in each of our lives, right now. ⁠

I will teach you how to recognise the way your intuition is communicating with you. ⁠