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I am giving you FULL ACCESS to all areas of my life,with an exclusive private mentoring opportunity.

My Mindset has NOT always been like this.

I have not always lived consciously. I just had a bucket load of enthusiasm, the ability to chat for days (still do!) and yet this did not stop me from following my dreams. This is what this beautiful mentoring opportunity with me is all about.


It was wonderful and I’m so grateful for all the messages that came through as well and also the awesome out of body experience I had. It was beyond everything I hoped for

- Sereena -

I view my life as a social experiment, something I've fumbled my way through, with some great people around me along the way. There were times I felt super alone, and really struggled and other times I was riding the highs of life. This is how life is for all of us and I believe learning to navigate the highs and lows has been the key for me and is the key for all of us. No more fumbling for me, my life's social experiment has led me here, all my mistakes have led me here, all my adventures have led me here, to help you thrive too - no more struggling beautiful! I dive into my jam-packed well-being toolkit to support my mind, body and soul everyday.

I want to show you how I have reached my goals with my support network. No one can achieve their goals on their own - take a look at the successful people you know in your life. Who are the people they have surrounded themselves with, to get where they are now in their life?
Have they surrounded themselves with family, friends, mentors or even a mindset coach or energy healer like myself to cheer them on? When I look back on my life, the magical ingredient for creating a successful life, is "partnership" & "teamwork". I have been mentored all through my life, I've been surrounded and supported by my family, coaches, mentors, teammates, my best friends & my invisible spiritual support team and continue to be supported.


What you'll learn from my mentoring;

It takes a team to help us all thrive, so if you feel like you are just surviving, let me walk you through exactly how you can learn how to thrive, by opening up my life to you, from conscious & intuitive parenting to our financial well-being to health to mindset to manifesting and spirituality, you can ask me anything.

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but as I have always told my clients, my life is a social experiment (actually all our lives are) and now I feel ready, to share how my family and I are thriving in our lives, and how we are committed to thriving for the rest of our lives.

We are not different to anyone in this world, what I know for true though, is that together as a family, supported by the love we have for each other, we believe "WE CAN" create an amazing life for ourselves and I want to show you how you can do this for yourself too.

In 6 x Zoom Sessions, I'll talk you through how we've achieved our goals and help you implement the same actions to take in your life.

Some of the goals I've achieved over my lifetime include:

Attracting my soul mate into my life.

By implementing small actions and following my intuitive; we have been able to create a life that I used to dream about. Through my mentoring; you'll start to understand how:

Is it time to take your life to the next level in every area?

Tomorrow is not promised to us. Today is and the decisions we make and the actions we take today, will help to create strong foundations for our life forever more.


Who is in your life with you? Who is cheering you on?

If this feels right for you, I'd love to cheer you on in life, especially if you've had enough of:

Let's collaborate together in creating the most amazing life possible for you, starting today. In our time together, we are going to cover these areas of our lives, which have helped me and which I know I have so much value to add in yours, including:



Image by Conscious Design



Colorful Food


Friends by the Lake


Image by Michael Longmire


We will activate your dream journeying experience, using amazing tools, such as life scripting, numerology, intuitive insights, meditation, card readings, chakra readings, automatic writing, journaling, mindset mastery, affirmations, nature, body talk and more.


This mentoring opportunity has been created for --

This mentoring opportunity is not for you, if you are:

+ Not prepared to take action the intuitive wisdom which will come through in our time together
+ Not willing to show up with an open heart and open mind
+ Not willing to commit to taking small action steps everyday, during our time together, this will be a complete waste of your financial investment in yourself
+ The super serious type, I'm a goof ball, who loves to weave fun and play into my mentoring session

Are you...

So why me? And why am I qualified to help you in your life?

Bachelor of Human Movement Studies - My passion for sport led me here, during my time playing football/soccer & post high school, one of the most fun times of my life, studying with like-hearted athletes & those who loved fitness/sport as much as I did (I was more sport focused than fitness focused, truth be told) & stepping out into the world for the first time on my own. I went on to work Full Time as a "Promotions & Development Officer with Football NSW, whilst still playing football/soccer, before leaving this position to play some football in Italy with my club, and then travel through Europe.

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