Energy Healings


All energy healings are available face to face, or in a sacred virtual space. I am able to connect to your energy field and read your energy, whether you are in my presence, on a zoom video call or a phone call. My healings are currently supporting my clients to re-connect with their heart space, take back their power, give themselves to permission to dance to the beat of their own drum and to transform their lives from the inside-out.


I intuitively receive thought, feeling, words & visual impressions which come through to  help you heal your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. I consciously act as a conduit for your healing and ask the universe to help facilitate your healing, by bringing through specific messages for you, so that you receive exactly what you need to hear, feel and experience, in your time with me, so you can start attracting into your life, in exactly what you desire to create for yourself.

I wholeheartedly embrace an intuitive blend of healing tools in your Energy Healing. These may include:

Crystal Grids | Conscious Conversation  |  Channelling Mother Earth Energy | Channelling White Light Energy | Sound Healing

 | Card Reading | Conscious Manifesting | Sacred Sprays | Essential Oil | Plants & Flowers | Shells

Your personal energy healing is always unique to your personal needs  and I am always guided intuitively with each healing, I am blessed to facilitate.  I offer more specific ways to work with me including healings, card readings and my powerful manifesting mojo sessions.

You can choose whichever session you feel you need below. Have a question about my energy healings? You're not alone, see my FAQ's here.