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LIVE: 3rd of March, 2022. Replay will be available if you are unable to make this wonderful event.


Join Kaye for this incredible virtual/online zoom event, where she will hold space, to help you to learn how to –
+ Dream through your 2022 Vision
+ Manifest your Heart’s Desires in 2022
+ Create the Space for your vision to come through
+ Embrace “Soul Expansion” as your new way of being in your life
+ Integrate all this into your life on the daily
+ Invite LIFE in to support you in more amazing ways than you can ever imagine
+ Consciously Create
+ Live Life on Purpose
+ Use your Intuitive Superpowers to Create your Life Experiences
Kaye is helping Women + Teens to transform their lives in the most incredible ways, through sharing her powerful & unique mind, body, soul teachings.
Through her intuitive wellness events & online masterclasses like this one, you will learn to how to harness the power of your own unique intuitive superpowers, to create on purpose and create a life which is fulfilling, content and exciting for you.

Online link will be sent upon purchasing.

Heart Opening Activation

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