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coming out of my winter hibernation.....

Earlier this year noticing my frozen shoulder, which I'd injured earlier in the year getting worse, so I decided to slow the pace right down & turn inward to heal! I have always believed that repressed emotions, somehow manifest into physical conditions/illnesses in our body & as winter drew closer, I knew deep inside that it was time for my focus to shift inward to heal & that I would need to dig deep to release the emotions I was obviously repressing.

And so I turned to meditation & tapping to facilitate my healing process as well as rallying around me my awesome healing team, my acupuncturist, physhiotherapist & intuitive massage therapist to weave their healing magic.

As I sit here typing at my computer, I am currently 4-6wks into my healing regime & I’ve noticed an amazing improvement with my shoulder. I still have a way to go & I’m very much looking forward to the day I can shave under my arm again & put my bra on pain free ( a girl's gotta be able to shave right?)

I have discovered through my healing that I am fantastic at standing strong in a crisis & storing my grief inside my body & so part of this healing process (probably the most difficult for me) is to learn how to grieve & allow myself to be vulnerable. It's important to be able to grieve the life traumas we all face from time to time. Laying bare my soul & looking within to heal can be trully unnerving because when you open a door which has been closed for a long time, sometimes all the "other" stuff you've crammed in there pops up too. Through the tapping process I've found another HUGE theme for me is learning to release control in my life & as a busy mum this can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. I’ve decided to manage one repressed emotion at a time, take baby steps with this one, be super gentle with myself during my healing & see what beautiful experiences transpire through this process!

No matter what I’m fully committed to do doing whatever I need to heal, even if it means getting to know my shadow side – My shadow side is the little girl inside me who's been wounded & who needs extra TLC for her to even feel comfortable enough to show herself in public – She desperately needs my loving attention & acceptance to heal & grow!

We all have a shadow side inside us!

The question is do you want to keep her hidden or do you want to coax her out. If she even tentatively ventures out into the world you will be able to start giving her the loving attention & acceptance she craves & that can only be a great thing right? I want to share my healing journey with you to show you, you are not alone. We all have areas in our life which need healing, it can sometimes be scary, believe you me, I KNOW THIS & this is why I want to partner you on your healing journey - let's absolutely do this together!

To get this healing party started, I have compiled together some resources to get you started & I highly recommend you begin by listening to this fascinating interview between renowned women's health expert Dr Christiane Northrup & tapping expert Jess Ortner. Grab yourself a cuppa & sit down for this amazing 40min chat - You are welcome to access the video interview here. Now, if you are keen to learn about tapping & learn a simple tapping technique which you can start using today to improve your emotional health, Nick Ortner, author & renowned tapping expert shares his proven tapping technique with you here in this short video. I am also keen to share with you the beautiful medical intuitive Belinda Davidson's Chakra Cleanse Meditation - I cleanse my chakra's each morning & it is a fabulous way to start your day in the most positive way. You can purchase this meditation in Belinda's online store. These 3 wellness tools will kickstart your healing journey today - I'd love to hear from you once you've viewed the links, so please touch base with me by leaving a comment on this page. Now, If you find these resources helpful but are looking for personalised emotional support please click here to view a full description of the fabulous mentoring services I offer worldwide via skype & in person if you live on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. There is tremendous power in a partnership, just look at the thriving partnerships in your life & why they are so successful? The same applies to your healing journey - when we partner up the healing intention magnifies instantly & I also infuse all our sessions together with the powerful healing white light - pretty incredible right?

You are worth the effort & I’m here to hold your hand through this journey.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you & have the most beautiful day!

Love K xxxxx

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