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Each day I listen to women who are just surviving through each day, and it breaks my heart!

It breaks my heart because I am reminded of the time, when I felt like they did when I struggled through my day, because I felt that I needed to look a certain way, be a super woman to everyone in my life & put everyone else’s needs before my own.

These days for me look so different. I am so much happier than I was and I use my intuitive wellness tools to support me every day...I am thriving!

My dream and hope for yo is that you live a life where you wake each up day with excitement for your day ahead.

My dream and hope for you, is that you choose each day, to be a day where you learn more about yourself, have fun and live your life on purpose.

My dream and hope for you, is that you are creating a life for yourself, that mirrors the dreams and hopes you harbour in your soul right now.

I notice when I am tired, that I am not the friendly person I aim to be…….it is harder for me to be kind to my children, my husband and my friends & it ends up feeling like an effort to show up as the positive person I am known to be…..This is a sign for me to take better care of myself, rest more and slow down.

Are you resonating with my words today?

Do you feel like you’re surviving through each day, instead of thriving, like you’d prefer to be?

We are not here to …..

+ Give to every body else at the expense of our own happiness

+ Say “YES” to every body else, if it feels like a “NO” to our own hearts

+ Push, push, push to the point of exhaustion every day.

We are here to …..

+ Listen to our hearts

+ Create a life that mirrors our heart’s desires

+ Love with all our hearts and more

+ Enjoy life to it’s fullest capacity

+ Be kind to ourselves first, then and only then, can we express kindness to others

Remember the amazing mantra “Be the change”, well this a mantra which is etched into my heart, and I know I need to “Be the change”.

I am the only person who can choose to change my life for the better, if this is what I want for myself, no one can do this for me.

I also know, that I don’t have to wait for rock bottom to do this.

I can do this for myself NOW, I can re-connect to my inner guidance, whenever I feel ready to and start navigating my life using my heart not my head.

In fact, I used to live a lifestyle, where I dedicated myself to everyone at the expense of myself, and I found myself exhausted & resentful at times.

Comparing myself to others, who seemed to have it together and their lives appeared to run smoothly.

My exhaustion & resentment turned into higher levels of anxiety & worry & I didn’t love the person I could see I was becoming.

So I made the changes I needed in my life, to feel better in my skin.

I want to share these changes with you, because, I know if you are still reading this post, you are perhaps in this position right now in your life.

1. I realised I didn’t need to be everything to everyone

2. I decided to find a way to show up for myself in a way that felt good

3. I decided o start making time to re-connect with my own needs & desires

4. I decided to practice more “FEEL GOOD” thoughts

5. I decided to work out what matters to me and life a live that mirrors my heart’s desires

6. I decided to drop stuff off my “TO DO” list

7. I decided to focus more on what I choose to MANIFEST into my life

8. I started to surround myself more with people who support me

9. I practiced being more kind to myself

10. I pivoted towards elevating my spiritual well-being because it feels good.

What does this look like in a practical sense?

My daily activities are focused around my spiritual, social, creative, mental, emotional & physical well-being.

  • I choose to meditate

  • I say thank you

  • I appreciate my blessings

  • I choose to connect with nature more

  • I choose to connect with my loved ones in a heart centred way

  • I choose to be kind rather than right

  • I choose to spend time with husband without my children more

  • I choose to connect with my kids one on one

  • I choose to eat less gluten and dairy

  • I choose to eat foods which give me energy and joy

  • I choose to move my body in a way that I enjoy

  • I choose to sleep more

  • I choose connect with my inner being more

  • I choose to go for more beach swims

  • I choose do the things that make my soul happy

  • I choose to not drink alcohol

  • I choose to say “YES” to others if it is a “YES” to my ME

  • I choose to say “NO” to others if is a “NO” to me

  • I choose the peaceful way through life, where I can

  • I trust my creative ideas more

  • I put my ideas into action more

  • I choose the intuitive way

What do you choose beautiful?

My talented friend Fern Trewin-Tooley (think Botanical Intuitive / Reiki Practitioner / Flower Essence Therapist / Meditation Teacher & Sacred Women’s Circle Facilitator) & I love you to come along to our Autumn Soul Circle on Sunday, 21st March 2021.

If the idea of sitting in circle with highly intuitive women who crave soul connections with each other, creates a buzz of excitement within your being, your heart feels expansive and light or you feel it might be wonderful to share a beautiful experience like this with a loved one, please take a look at all the details below.

We hope to give you a big hug on the day!

Come along on your own, bring your soul sister with you, or even come along with your mum!

What an amazing experience to share together.

I can already feel into the beautiful energy this event is creating, it’s going to be special.

Tickets are currently on sale and I encourage you to purchase yours below, if your intuition is guiding you to come along. Get your tickets here.

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