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My favourite ways to nurture my intuitive super powers right now!

When you discover the innate magical abilities your intuitive super powers have to guide you in your choices from moment to moment, you stop sleepwalking through life and pay closer attention to what she has to say.

I’ve discovered by creating personal daily rituals that help boost my energy levels, are also a great way to nurture my intuitive super powers as well as helping to take better care of my mind, body and soul.

I change up my personal daily rituals from time to time and so today I feel called to share with you, the rituals I am leaning into, to help nurture and trust in my intuitive hits right now in my life.

If any of my “12 Go To’s” resonate with you, perhaps you can give it a go for yourself and see what magic is created in your life.

1. Spending time in Nature as much as I can – Getting outside for me is like waving a magic wand. Whether I feel flat, sick, lethargic or happy, I always feel a little or a lot better after spending time out in nature. Just do it and see what happens for you in your life. I listen to the birds and animals around me, I put my hands on trees to allow their powerful energy to run through my body and check in with my breath.

2. Walking outside – Walking is a meditative activity for me and I love to walk. Whether I am walking with friends, family or by myself, I find this soothing and relaxing. I often go for a walk, when I’m feeling frustrated or angry, a positive way for me to process my emotions, because I feel bad if I take out my emotions on other people. I mix it up, sometimes I go for long walks and sometimes they are short walks. Walking always makes me feel better.

3. Grounding my feet on the earth, beach and in the ocean – Before each of my client healings, I will walk outside my front door and stand barefoot on the grass in our frontyard. I imagine Mother Earth’s energy filling me up through my feet, and all the way up my body and out of the top of my head, into the sky. I physically feel this energy flow through my body and it is a little ritual I do to ground myself before & sometimes after energy healings. I also like to take my shoes off when I go to watch my daughters play sport, and you will often find me sitting down on the grass barefoot, as much as I can, I like to ground, this is very important to me, especially in the work I do.

4. Meditation is a wonderful way for me to calm my mind down, if I am feeling stressed or anxious. When I initially began meditation over a decade ago, I used this practice to help me reduce my anxiety & calm my mind. Over time, I began to use my meditation practice to tap into my intuitive abilities. During meditation, I often receive intuitive guidances and messages and I meditate most days, sometimes for a short period of time and sometimes longer, I have no specific rules around this, as long as I show up, I’m happy. I will be hosting my first “Meditation Circle” on Sunday, 16th May from 3-4pm in Caloundra, I would love to guide you through a simple and beautiful meditation, to help you manage your anxiety and stress and to connect in with your intuition, to bring through your own intuitive messages by yourself.

5. Standing under the FULL MOON and NEW MOON energy - I love, love, love, the moon energy, I feel drawn to her power and so when I feel her call me, I go outside and stand under her, always in awe of her magnificence. My menstrual cycle is often synchronised with the FULL MOON cycle, so who needs a calendar, when all I have to do is look up into the sky.

6. Standing in the SUN LIGHT – Standing in the sun light, gives me energy and so I try to make sure I soak up her rays and get my SUN THERAPY as much as I can. If I am feeling flat, I will reflect on how much SUN I’ve been getting and one of the first things I will do, to bring myself back into balance, is get out into the SUN LIGHT. SUN THERAPY is a thing – When I was unwell a few years ago and felt quite detached from my life, I used SUN THERAPY as one of my go to’s in my wellness toolkit, to help me feel better – It worked so well, that I make sure especially in winter, that I get outside into the SUN in the middle of the day. I don’t have to try as hard in summer, as I intuitively spend more time outside during the summer months.

7. Cutting energetic cords in the shower – Do you know that it’s important to clean & clear your energy levels. With the amount of interactions we have everyday with our loved ones, friends, acquaintances and strangers, we are often still connected to people energetically, long after we say our goodbyes. I have a little ritual, I have sharing with my clients that I do in my shower. As the water is cleaning my body, I also physically “cut any energetic cords” with my hands, to clean & clear my energy. I don’t my energy leaking out unknowingly to others.

8. Playing with my angel, oracle & affirmation cards – I love using these in my client healings and I love using them in my personal life. Pulling a card, is a great way to receive an intuitive message in the moment, if you’d like a message. There are many ways you can use angel cards to connect into your intuition and what you might need to focus on right now.

9. Paying attention to the signs and symbols in my dreams - I often receive intuitive messages and visitations from deceased loved ones or the deceased loved ones of friends. I tend to reflect on the feelings that my dreams bring my attention to, rather than what has happened in my dream, because my dreams can be pretty out there and a bit cray cray at times. Dreams can also be prophetic and some people receive messages ahead of time giving them insights into their life.

10. Paying attention to the signs and symbols in my everyday life – Is just as important as paying attention to our dreams. Pay attention to the themes, conversations and topics that you keep talking about with others. Pay attention to anything keeps repeating itself in your life – There is always a message for you, when things keep repeating themselves.

11. Getting a good nights sleep – Our intuition comes through at her clearest when we are relaxed and sleep is an integral part of the picture. How do you know if you are getting a good night’s sleep? You will feel energised in the morning, you will not feel like you need to sleep in. If you are feeling tired in the mornings, try and go bed a little bit earlier and see if this makes a difference. You might even be able to sneak in a “little or long nap” during the day if your schedule allows for this. SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP!

12. Scheduling regular energy healings for myself – I love receiving energy healings as much as I love to give them. So I book these in regularly for myself, to continue my own personal well-being, to ensure that I am taking good care of myself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and to nurture and grow my intuitive abilities. When two or more healers come together, with the intention to heal, there are always fireworks and I love the magic that always comes out of these sessions. ALWAYS! If you have been thinking of scheduling a healing for yourself, reach out and book your 30min or 1hr energy healing session with me HERE.

If you are committed to nurturing you intuition, you might like to join my “MONTHLY ONLINE SOUL SISTER CIRCLE” with other amazing women, who are building their super power strength together. This group is now supporting each other and there is a beautiful ripple effect out into their personal lives and each of my SOUL SISTERS is using their abilities to add value to their lives, to live a more meaningful life. Find out more here.

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