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I have to admit, I’ve attended all kinds of circles over the last decade.

+ Psychic Development Circles

+ Sacred Women’s Circles

+ Drumming Circles

+ Online Guided Gatherings

+ Nature Circles and more

I have a couple of gorgeous girlfriends who love circles and workshops just as much as I do, and we often attend together. My youngest daughter loves coming to drumming circles with me, and both my daughters and I attended our first gong sound bath meditation just this last weekend, which we loved and are planning to attend another one soon.

Such is the power of coming together in circle, I felt guided to create my own through the beautiful energy healing work I do & I have been hosting my own monthly online circle called the SOUL SISTER CIRCLE for a year now.

I even come to your home at your request, if you’d like to gather all your besties together for a personalised SOUL SISTER CIRCLE IN YOUR HOME. These are so much fun, super easy to organise and often involve a glass of champagne or two.

This year I will be hosting in person circles, where we can give each other a BIG HUG & enjoy the powerful heart-centred connection of coming together in person.

Just this last weekend I hosted my first TEEN GODDESS CIRCLE, where I invited some of my teen energy healing clients to come and meet each other and learn more about their intuition & spirituality alongside their peers.

I guided this beautiful group through;

+ A heart-centred group meditation

+ Partner led angel / oracle card readings

+ Psychometry

+ Life Path Number Interpretation and more......

The consensus at the end of our afternoon together, was an enthusiastic "HELL YEAH" to coming back together to continue to learn and grow together, exploring their spiritual interests with each other.

I felt like a proud mama bear, who only wished, their mama's could have seen them shine.


Here’s what I’ve learnt about circles.

The healing that happens in this space, has to be experienced first hand, to understand the magic that can be created here. The way that life brings together a specific group of people, to hold space together, create, connect and heal together is profound.

Now, I’ve always attended with the intent of learning more about EVERYTHING, and every time I attended a circle, I did come away with new learnings.

I always came away with a new friend or two, having shared a heart centred conversation or many, holding space for each other to heal in some way & always feeling better for going along.

When women come together in a sacred space, to share from the heart, magic is created.

Healing is promised, if you open our heart to it, new soul sister friendships are made & new memories created, hopefully etched into your heart forever more.

Now beautiful lady, I am co-hosting for the very first time with my gorgeous friend Fern Trewin-Tooley. Fern is a soul nurturer, reiki practitioner, botanical intuitive, meditation teacher and sacred circle facilitator.

Do we have some amazing experiences planned for you?

You betcha we do!

We are both so excited about this beautiful afternoon.

Our beautiful sacred women’s circle, which we have aptly named AUTUMN SOUL CIRCLE is going to be hosted at THE FARM on the Sunshine Coast.

AUTUMN SOUL CIRCLE is bringing women together, who –

+ Are ready to move into the Autumn season, intentionally, with ease & grace

+ Are ready to re-discover your amazingness

+ Crave the intimacy that soul sister connections provide

+ Feeling guided to look deeper within yourself, to live a more fulfilling life

+ Yearning for deep connection with like-hearted ladies

+ Ready to sit in stillness, to invite your inner wisdom to show you the way

+ Desire to connect with the elements of nature in the most uniquely beautiful way

Our gathering will guide us through heart-centred, embodied practices and rituals, including-

+ Sacred Blessing Ceremony

+ Autumn Equinox Meditation

+ Water Cleansing Ritual for releasing and letting go

+Manifesting and intention setting

+ Group Botanical Mandala Altar Creation

+ Heart-centred Sharing, listening and holding space for each other

+ Tea/Healthy Afternoon Tea provided

We’d love you to come along, if you feel called to, and you will know if you do – The idea of attending creates a buzz of excitement within your being, your heart feels expansive and light or you feel it might be wonderful to share a beautiful experience like this with a loved one.

Come along on your own, bring your soul sister with you, or even come along with your mum!

What an amazing experience to share together.

I can already feel into the beautiful energy this event is creating, it’s going to be special.

Tickets are currently on sale and I encourage you to purchase yours below, if your intuition is guiding you to come along. Get your tickets here.

I've included for you below the links to the gong sound bath meditation we attended on the Sunshine Coast, if you are interested in checking this out for yourself as well as Fern Trewin-Tooley's amazing energy healing services which she offers in Brisbane, if you're keen to learn more about these two amazing healers.


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