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the right way to eat or not.....

Hey Gorgeous, I’ve listened to loads of health & wellness experts & studied a wide variety of dietary philosophies over the last few years & have come to the conclusion there is always going to be an ongoing debate about what to eat & what not to eat - Should I be paleo, vegan, pescatarian, adopt the ayuverdic principles perhaps or maybe only eat organic foods – seriously this is full on stuff!

Ultimately & fortunately the decision lies with you & if you are committed to creating & maintaining a happy healthy life, then I urge you to take the time to educate yourself on this topic. What I do know for sure is that when you tune in & listen to your body, ask your body what it needs, observe how you feel after you eat & most importantly infuse a loving energy into the foods you eat you are on your way to discovering the right eating style for your body.

There are a myriad of practical lifestyle considerations which you might like to factor into your decision making process whilst you are figuring out what foods give you the energy you need including + Fresh food availablility + Price point & affordablility + Cultural beliefs & values + Food allergies & intolerances

It’s definitely not a one size fits all scenario.

So please, take the time to explore & experiment with different ways of eating & ultimately you WILL find the right fit for you. Ask loads of questions when you are grocery shopping, this is a fantastic way to empower & improve your food knowledge & build your shopping confidence. In the meantime here are some super simple guidelines I follow when I’m buying my groceries & if you feel drawn to using them, then please do so, I hope you find them helpful for your needs.

  • Local Farmers Markets _ I prefer to buy my fresh produce here when it’s available to me. I prefer to buy organic & locally grown produce & find the shelf life of my fruit/veggies is much better than the supermarket varieties. I also love supporting my local community by spending my money locally.

  • Local vs Imported_ Locally grown produce has a higher nutrient value compared to imported produce. This is an important consideration because a lot of our produce is now imported. Fruit/veggies are normally labelled “Australian Grown” or “imported from (insert country name here) so look out for this next time you buy your fruit/veggies & buy locally where you can.

  • Seasonal Produce_ If price point is a consideration for you then I recommend buying fruit/veggies which are currently in season. They are more abundant & cheaper to buy as well as being super yummy.

  • Rainbow Colours – I like to stock up on all colours of the rainbow to ensure I’m consuming a wide range of nutrients.

  • Grow your Own - If you have the time why not start a little herb garden or veggie patch with your favourite fruit and veggies. This is a fantastic project for your children & a great way for them to learn where food comes from.

  • Fun Foods - In our family, we aim to eat healthily most of the time & always leave room for “sometimes” foods as Elmo would call them.

Now, let’s be honest, in an ideal world we'd all pick our organic fruit & veggies from our backyard every night for dinner, but the harsh reality is most of us buy "food in a box" or processed foods, so I've included below my super simple guidelines for buying "food in a box".

  • Read the Ingredient Label

  • Read the Ingredient Label

  • Read the Ingredient Label

Now, my tip for you is, if you don’t understand what you read on the ingredient label, then please think twice about buying it. Happy shopping & have a beautiful day!

Love K xxxxx

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