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3 books I'm lovin' right now.....

Hey Gorgeous, I'm wondering, are you an avid reader like me? Oooooh, I do hope so! I absolutely love how the printed word can jump off the page, capture my heart & fuel my soul with inspiration! As a young girl my favourites included the Ramona (Beverly Clearly) & the Anne of Green Gables (Lucy Montgomery) series. These books ignited my passion for the printed word & a few romance stories & loads of personal development books later, today my soul stills jumps for joy when I lose myself in a juicy book. And today I’m feeling inspired to share with you 3 books I’m absolutely loving right now. These 3 books found me at the perfect time & I'm so glad they did…..

  1. Life Loves You – Louise Hay & Robert Holden

I’m a big fan of both these two authors & this book is an entertaining recorded series of conversations between Louise Hay & Robert Holden about “life” with great simple practical spiritual tools you can implement into your daily life. I have personally started playing around with the 1st spiritual practice they recommend which involves, looking into the mirror each day. I spend a few minutes looking deeply into my own eyes & greeting myself, as I would a friend & then setting my intentions for my day by repeating some energising affirmations out loud. This simple action lifts me up each time & I start my day positive & uplifted. If you feel drawn to this, why not give it a go! I have read this book twice now, I loved it so much that the second time around I used my favourite pink highlighter to capture the phrases which inspire me most.

  1. Anatomy of the Spirit – Caroline Myss

Now if you are a highly intuitive like myself, you will absolutely love this book. EVERYTHING about my life finally made sense once I immersed myself in Caroline's wise words. I literally couldn’t put it down & every chance I got, I’d sit down & read a few more pages (just ask my hubby). Caroline is a renowned medical intuitive & in this book she explores the links between spiritual & emotional stresses & their connection to specific illnesses/conditions & she lays out simply how we can start healing ourselves from within. This too, is a book I may have highlighted all the way through with my favourite pink highlighter & I am very much looking forward to seeing Caroline in person when she visits Australia in a few weeks.

  1. Heart Thoughts – Louise Hay

What I love so much about this book is that you can just open up the book at any page and read a passage at a time. It is full of positive affirming phrases which not only lift you up, you can slowly digest the small nuggets of wisdom Louise gives you a little bit at a time. I absorbed Louise's kind & loving words this way & this book makes a great pressie for your family & friends too. Trust me, they will love it. I have a girlfriend who keeps her copy on her kitchen window sill for easy access anytime she needs a little inspiration. Reading is a gift in my life & I am absolutely thrilled to be able to gift my passion for reading to my 2 young daughters, Giselle & Bronte. We've spent many many hours with our noses in books.....yay..... & I'm sure we will spend many many more in years to come (hopefully together)! So tell me, are you a book lover like me? Fiction, non-fiction, biographies....

What kind of books do you love? I love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below with your favourite reads & I look forward to being inspired to pick up a new wonderful read! Have a beautiful day!

Love K xxxxx

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