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Why I LOVE Christmas!

The beginning of December in our home, is traditionally dedicated to the end of year dance concerts & celebrating the end of the school year, so as you can probably imagine our calendar is generally quite FULL with school & dance performances & we also have the added bonus of celebrating the majority of our family birthdays at this time of year.

Sure I could waffle on about the craziness which traditionally surrounds us at this time, but rather than jump on this revolving roundabout of craziness, I prefer to set the intention to be patient & kind with myself during this time & if I do find myself forgetting to be mindful, which has been known to happen, I gently remind myself of my intention & bring my focus back to my mindfulness practice. So, I absolutely love when Christmas time rolls around & all our end of year obligations have been met, because it is always a beautiful reminder of what is TRULLY important in MY life.

Sitting here in at my computer, reflecting on the year that was I asked myself 3 questions..... What AM I Grateful for RIGHT NOW? + My Family & Friends + My Health + Time to JUST BE + My Heart-Centred Biz + Having Hubby at home with ME + Holidays + My GRATITUDE PRACTICE + My SELF LOVE PRACTICE HOW have I GROWN in the last 12 months? + I’ve learnt that I AM ENOUGH AS I AM RIGHT NOW + This year I've learnt that LOVING INTENTIONS are SUPER IMPORTANT + I’ve realised I’m worthy of living a life OVERFLOWING with ABUNDANCE + To really dig deep & KEEP MY FAITH in tough times + Creating a heart-centred biz requires terrific organization skills. + PRAYER IS POWERFUL What BEAUTIFUL ways can I relax NOW & in the coming weeks? + Swimming in the Sea + Laughing with my LOVED ONES + Sleep IN + READ uplifting books + PLAY with my daughters + GET to know my new pooch Benji + NATURE WALKS I wish you BUCKET LOADS of love, laughter & gratitude through your holiday period with those you love most.

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