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simplicity = bliss

If I had to choose ONE word for the year ahead it would be SIMPLIFY.

As a mumma my day to day life can be very FULL with family responsibilities, work commitments & of course fulfilling my own personal needs along the way.

So this year I choose to SIMPLIFY, focus my energy in the areas I want my life to grow & just letting the rest fall away, especially if it doesn't serve my highest good.

I'm in a beautiful place in my life right now, feeling really content & I hold deep deep gratitude for this. I also know how much inner work I've done to reach this place & so this year is all about expanding from this gorgeous space which already exists within, going with flow & just witnessing where life takes me.

SOOOOO if you could choose just ONE word for the year ahead, what would that be?

My SUPER effective AND easy wellness tip for you..... Take just ONE minute, close your eyes, take a slow deep breath in & then release it slowly.

Take another slow deep breath in & as you focus on the oxygen filling & then exiting your nostrils, ask yourself the question


Breathe out slowly & wait for the answer to bubble up from within.

It may not come straight away, however it will pop up when it's ready to reveal itself.

Keep this word in the forefront of your mind & remind yourself from time to time your word for 2016.

If you feel drawn to, you can share with me below your "WORD", I'd love to see it too!

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