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HELP is not a dirty word!

Asking for help is not something I’m used to really, because after all I’m a positive mindset & intuitive wellness coach right & wouldn’t I be some kind of fraud if I didn’t have my own shizzle together?

Well, in an ideal world, this of course would be absolutely amazeballs but this is not MY reality.

I am always open to continued learning & my emotional growth usually comes through the unexpected curveballs life throws my way.

After all, if life was smooth sailing all the time, how boring would this be?

The last few months in our household have been quite tumultous with the addition of our super cute pooch Benji, however our little cutie has tested us & stretched us to our limits with his constant barking (not so great for our neighbours at this point) & Houdini like escapades defying gravity at times, contorting & squeezing his furry little body through any narrow gap he can find on our property.

We’ve tried our best to do all the things we felt would be right to for him, however, to tell you truth, none of it is working & we are SO exhausted. At times we’ve felt like Benji is setting the rules in our home & there are times when I just want to throw my hands up & give up, because all I really want is a full night’s sleep without being woken up 2 or 3 times just because he needs to know where we are.

Deep down I know that Benji's confidence needs a HUGE boost & that we will never know the kind of life he had up until he came to us, yet this is proving to be such hard work.


A few weeks ago, I came to the realisation that we needed some serious “HELP” & I reached out to my friend & Dog Behaviourial Therapist Katrina Boyd from Kats4Dogs.

Now reaching out for help is a big thing for me, because I consider myself super self-sufficient, yet after my 1st conversation with Katrina, I felt a huge wave of relief wash all over me. I knew I’d done the right thing by calling her & even the simple practical tips she shared with me in our phone conversation were enough to weave some magic in our home to restore some peace & calm. We still have a long way to go & I’m very much looking forward to my next full uninterrupted night’s sleep, but right now what matters most is that we commit to our self-care & Benji & our other beloved pooch Patch's welfare & take continued inspired action to re-establish order & balance in our home.

It is obvious that Benji has suffered enough & I know that with a huge amount of patience & trust in Katrina’s knowledge & expertise we will all transform through this experience.

Here are some magical life lessons little Benji's presence has taught me -

LESSON 1: Reaching out for help is not sign of weakness, but rather a display of strength.

LESSON 2: People cannot help me unless I allow myself to be vulnerable in their presence.

LESSON 3: Life is not about perfection, rather progress & so it is with Benji.

LESSON 4: When we are suffering anxiety, our pets are so innately tuned into our energetic state & absorb all this energy. We may be able to fake it around our family & friends, but there’s absolutely no faking it around our pets.

LESSON 5: The most valuable lesson I’ve learnt from watching Katrina is that when I transform my energy & use a more positive mindset that my pets receive this energy & this immediately transforms their energetic state.

My easy & effective wellness tip for you –

If you too feel like you are drowning right now with curveball after curveball coming your way, why not choose just one thing to reach out and ask for help with from someone you trust.

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