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Setting your Teen up for SUCCESS

Amanda Rootsey is an eco model & gentle living coach who has created her own personal development courses here on the Sunshine Coast 4 Teen Girls.

Her holistic well-being programs attract teen girls locally, interstate & some even fly in from overseas. Her programs aim to help teens build confidence, take great care of themselves & trully shine.

I’m a MASSIVE supporter of the inspirational work Amanda is doing right now & I feel privileged to be a mentor in her 5 day “Shine From Within” program.

SOOOOO, if you have a teen or tween daughter Amanda & I have created this inspirational chat for you, please click on the video below to view our teen well-being chat.

Put yourself in your teen or tween’s body just for a moment, your body is changing so quickly & just when you think you’ve got it worked out, it changes again. This can be a totally frustrating time for your teen or tween & is a time in your daughter’s life she needs your full support more than ever.

I am the mother of a tween & YES, she may have her "off" days but don't we all? Most teens & tweens are just trying to figure out life just like we are & I'm mindful to provide a safe space for her to express herself however she needs to, especially in the times she feels confused as I know the bottom line is she needs her mumma's unconditional love & support.

If you are keen to help your daughter acquire the beautiful life long skills below -

+ Natural Skincare

+ Create a positive body image

+ Gain clarity around her career aspirations

+ How to dream big (with little old ME)

+ Nutrition & Wellness TOOLS & TIPS

+ Managing social media & mobile phone use

+ Making your online experience a positive one

to help her build her self confidence, then please click on the video below to meet the gorgeous Amanda Rootsey.

Amanda will share with you how she herself navigated her teen years & why her cancer diagnosis prompted her take better care of her own well-being by prioritising her own needs & stop people pleasing.

If you'd like to find out more about Amanda's "Shine From Within" program please visit her website

Amanda's easy & effective wellness tip for mumma's - She encourages us as parents to just LISTEN to your children when they talk – She believes that when we just LISTEN, we give them the perfect platform to allow the wisdom which already resides within to emerge.

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