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Mindful Parenting with Lynette Bolton

Hey Gorgeous,

I remember when my two daughters were toddlers, completely dependent on me to change their nappies, feed them & bath them, motherhood seriously felt like groundhog day at times with each day seamingly rolling into the next & most nights I would collapse in exhaustion after I’d tucked my girls into bed with no energy to even chat to my hubby about his day & I did feel super guilty about this at times.

I absolutely loved my children to bits, however, after pouring ALL my energy into looking after them & running our household I was slowly losing touch with my own needs & desires.

Parenting is a tough gig & sometimes you've just got to surrender to the overwhelm you find yourself swimming in or you find yourself drowning in it.

I felt completely sleep deprived, was so sick of cooking spaghetti bolognese every second night & just wanted to be able to walk through my house without tripping over a gazillion toys.

Now I have to admit, I've always had amazing support from my hubby, but I didn’t want to bother him too much as he was in the start up phase of growing a commercial flooring business at the time & I wanted to make a significant contribution to our life together by being an awesome mumma & wife.

During this time of my life, I also craved the support of like-hearted mumma's & so when I recently stumbled across this gorgeous soul, Lynette Bolton, aka The Mindful Mumma I knew I had to introduce you to this amazing lady.

Lynette Bolton is just about to launch her new amazing online venture providing mindfulness tools to support you on your parenting journey. This is just the kind of supportive network I needed when I first became a mumma.

In today’s inspirational heart to heart chat with Lynette, this multi-passionate entrepreneur, TV Personality (You’ll catch her on Channel 7's Sunrise Morning Program) & blogger shares with us her vision for creating this global online community & the values she & her hubby Former Sydney Swans AFL Legend Jude Bolton (Cheer, Cheer the Red & the White) value most when it comes to raising their 2 young daughters Piper & Siarra.

The last 18months has opened her world up to meditation, mindfulness & spirituality & together, Lynette & Jude have found some simple & super effective ways to implement mindfulness tools into their family life.

Gift yourself the time to sit down to listen to Lynette & I laugh for the most part & dive into a topic close to both our hearts - Mindful Parenting.

Did you love meeting Lynette?

Feel free to visit her online home below for more juicy Mindful Mumma inspiration.

If you are craving more parenting inspiration around this amazing topic, why not immerse yourself into some of my popular parenting blogs below.

My super easy & effective wellness tool for mindful parenting.....

+ Mindfulness is far more important than perfection

+ Create pockets of time to play with your children, make parenting a fun gig

+ Know that you are doing your best & this is good enough

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