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Balancing Football & Motherhood

When you meet former Matildas Captain Melissa Barbieri, it is clearly evident that even though she has now hung up her gloves on her 14yr international football career, her love for the round ball game continues to live in her heart forever. Melissa’s star began rising in the 1990’s - I myself was heading into the twilight of my footballing career & I recall marking this talented young midfielder. Who knew she would make the switch to goalkeeping & go on to establish herself as one of Australia's best female goalkeepers, carving her own path & leading the Matildas to their 1st victory in a major international tournament. Her sporting CV is SUPER impressive too, representing Australia at + 4 x Women's FIFA World Cups (2003, 2007, 2011, 2015) + 1 x Olympic Games (2004) + 2 x Asian Cups (2006, 2010) “Bubs” as she is affectionately known to her teammates has experienced many challenges along the way, the biggest no doubt her decision to continue her international football career once she became a mumma. To say Melissa is gutsy, is an under statement, she is determined to do what makes her happy & has always found a way around the road blocks put in front of her during her sporting career. THE REASON WHY MELISSA BELIEVES SHE'S BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL? + She makes the time to listen to her own voice + She does not allow the opinions of others to drown out her inner voice + She has invested time in her own personal development + She continues to do what makes her happy (10.15 min) MELISSA'S 6 SUPER TIPS 4 ASPIRING ATHLETES? (26.10 min) + Understand what it takes to be an elite athlete + Emulate current elite athletes & then carve your own path + PREPARE now, so that when opportunity presents, you are READY + Don’t ever compare yourself to others + Focus on what you can continue to improve + Remember to CELEBRATE all the hard work you do each day WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM MELISSA? (1.00 min) + How her football journey kicked off + Why playing basketball prepped her for her goalkeeping success + Sacrifices she’s made along the way to make her dreams come true + Where her self belief comes from (21.00 min) + Balancing football & motherhood (18.00 min) + Why she believes it’s important to support our female sporty mummas + What motherhood has taught her about herself (30.35 min) + Why it was important for her to retire on her own terms + How the next chapter of her life is unfolding with ISAGENIX.

Click on the video below to view our inspirational chat & have a beautiful day!

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