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Get your day off to a great start.....

Over the last decade I’ve played around with different ways to prioritise my well-being. Feeling great in my body & cultivating a peaceful mind state is something which my soul craves at the deepest level. Yes, my to-do list is never ending, yet I believe that to be able to show up as the kind of mama I want to be for my daughters, it’s super important for me to be feeling great about myself so that they can guided by a mama who shows up in the best way she knows how, from a loving heart space.

I'm fortunate because I’ve always had clarity around the kind of mama I want to be & this vision keeps me on track from day to day. I've worked out along the way that getting a great start to my day seems to be the key for me. I aspire to feeling great every day & I’ve noticed that when I infuse 6 simple actions into my morning routine, I not only feel great, but for the most part my day flows with ease.

Over the last few years I've played around with my morning routine, meditating, not meditating, exercising, not exercising, eating an awesome brekkie, swapping my nourishing brekkie for something quick and easy, shower, no shower. I started to notice a theme - I loved doing all these things but I wasn't being consistent – I was also letting my little mate inside my head RUN the show - When she decided that there was not enough time to have a shower, I would listen to her and walk out the door feeling TIRED & GRUBBY for the whole day - When she decided that I didn't need to exercise, I would listen and instead of getting the energy boost I LOVE to feel after my workout, I’d allow myself continue to feel FLAT for the whole day.

On a more positive note, I became aware that on the days that I would make the effort to get up a little earlier to meditate, have a shower & nourish myself with an amazing brekkie my day would start out in the most amazing way and for the most part stay that way because I'd taken the time to put myself in a loving heart space, before I walked out the front door.

Because words resonate more deeply for me, today I want to explain to you in my own voice why I love my daily morning routine so much. I hope you enjoy my first audio as much as I enjoyed recording this.


Creating your own morning routine is fun, it’s just about trying different things & sticking with the ones that you find easy to implement & help you to feel great about yourself – You might like to play music in the morning and dance whilst you are getting ready or you may need to fit in your morning walk first up in your day, it's all about finding out what works for you!

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