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In which ways do you tune into your "SOUL SPEAK" on a daily basis? Is this something you do naturally? Or is this something you find hard to do? For many of us, we have had to re-connect and re-learn how to use our intuition, our universe's most powerful way to communicate with us and our own soul's internal guidance system! The reason I say "re-learn" is that we are ALL born highly intuitive beings, and as we grow, our intuitive nature if nurtured becomes a natural part of the way we live our day to day lives. If growing up you have not been encouraged to trust your "gut feeling" or "hunches" then you may find you lean towards thinking more than feeling in your day to day life.

How do you know if you use your intuition on a daily basis? You're a gorgeous soul who can flow easily with day to day life. You know when life throws you a curveball that this is a time for soul expansion. You tune in to how you feel and let this guide your decision making process. You trust your creative ideas and take action when they come into your mind. You love to hang out in nature, listen to the birds sing or love spending time at the beach. You recognize when the universe is communicating with you. You can easily drop into your heart space and spend time in quiet contemplation.

These are just a couple of ways that you connect intuitively, and there are many many many more, but my guess is that if you are still reading, you know you are highly intuitive. I'm super passionate about building a community of Soul Sisters who come together regularly here on the Sunshine Coast where I live to nurture and play together, dive deep into the bigger questions we ponder about life and to more importantly uplift and support each other on this journey we call LIFE.

There is a loving ripple effect that is created when you choose to step up and embrace your intuitive abilities and those around you who see the beautiful impact it has on you, then want to be a part of it too.

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