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A lot of us know about our intuition but sometimes we may use other phrases like “My gut says…...” “ I have a feeling......” "This doesn't feel right" or " I have a hunch that.....". Sometimes you may simply know information about people or circumstances that no one has told you about before, but somehow you just know.

These are all signs of you connecting with your intuition and everyone has intuitive abilities. When I'm listening to my intuition on a daily basis, I feel like life is easy breezy, I feel light and happy and everything flows with ease in my life. When I don’t listen to my intuition, I either end up run down or sick, or there maybe there is tension between my family and myself or I become tired and lethargic.

I am totally committed to living my life intuitively everyday and I have noticed that when I started to follow my curiosities and study what my husband loves to call "woo hoo" life became a lot more exciting for me. What I found even more powerful though was when I actually started to listen and trust my own inner knowing or inner voice and allowing her to guide me on a day to day basis. At first, this was down right nervy for me to do, but with patience and time and the right support around me, I soon learnt that trusting my inner knowing was the only way to live my life. The beautiful teachings tools I'd been taught in my intuitive courses were wonderful, and served as a fabulous stepping stone until I was ready to completely embrace my own intuitive super powers and really step into my power.

On a practical level in your day to day life, your intuition can guide you in every moment. By simply observing your thoughts, paying attention to how you feel and the themes that are popping up in the conversations with other people, you are already re-connecting with your intuition. You’ve always had it, she’s just waiting patiently for you to re-acquaint yourself with her.

Some people love their intuition so much, like me, they want to develop their intuition to the next level just like I am doing and I believe we all have intuitive super powers and we are all unique in how we interpret our intuitive abilities. This is why I've loved creating my soul sister community - A sacred space where women who want to embrace a spiritually fulfilled life come together to share their experiences with each other, all the while feeling safe and supported.

If you'd love to experience a personal 1on1 chakra healing and intuitive mentoring session with me via skype or face to face on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, please email me at to schedule your personal healing session.

Alternatively if you'd love to attend my next Soul Sister Circle in Caloundra, please contact me directly for the details and to add your name to our guest list.

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