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Podcasts are my "go to" for instant inspiration and motivational mood booster! I'm always getting asked for podcast recommendations, so today

I'm sharing with you my faves for you to listen to your heart's content. I'm a serial podcast listener (or some might say stalker). When I come across someone I resonate with deeply, I will search for all their interviews online and podcasts to soak up their positive vibes. I listen to podcasts whilst I'm driving, cooking in the

kitchen, weeding my garden and folding laundry. These are the shows I've been recommending to my clients lately! I've listed my favourite sporty, spiritual, self worth and parenting shows for you!


Making your Mind Matter with Dr Joe Dispenza Hay House Live Podcast

Manifesting Abundance with Denise Duffield-Thomas

The Priestess Podcast

Upgrading your Dreams with Dr Deepak Chopra

This is Fifty Podcast Energy Healer Christine Lang

This is Fifty Podcast Chakras with Marci Baron

The Priestess Podcast Your Inner Sage with Helen Jacobs

The Priestess Podcast Becoming the Person You were Created to Be with Pastor Wintley Phipps

Super Soul Conversations Podcast

*** Sunshine Coast based Soul Sisters can work with me through my monthly Soul Sister Circle here.

SELF WORTH / BODY IMAGE How to Transform your Body with Kayla Itsines

The Melissa Ambrosini Show Create Amazing Self Worth with Emily Skye

The School of Greatness Podcast Mastering your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Earn your Happy Podcast

Real Love with Teri Cole Good Life Project Podcast

PARENTING Conscious Parenting can Change the World with Dr Shefali Tsabary

Super Soul Conversations Podcast

Conscious Parenting with Dr Shefali Tsabary

The School of Greatness Podcast

SPORT Becoming Number #1 with Novak Djokovic

The School of Greatness Podcast Unstoppable with Maria Sharapova

The School of Greatness Podcast The Rock with Dwayne Johnson

Super Soul Conversations Podcast Tom Brady - Part 1 with Tom Brady

Tom Brady - Part 2 with Tom Brady

Super Soul Conversations Podcast

Mamba Mentality with Kobe Bryant

The School of Greatness Podcast The Soul of Success with Phil Jackson

Super Soul Conversations Podcast

Click on the any of the topic titles above to listen to the inspirational

podcast which you'd love to listen to right now. Now you've been loaded up with inspiration,

I'd love to hear from you, if you're a podcast lover like me. Please let me know some of your favourite shows, I'd love to listen to them too!

*** Sunshine Coast based Soul Sisters can work with me through my monthly Soul Sister Circle here.

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