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Why I Choose Natural Skincare Products!

Ever since learning that our skin is our largest organ and that what we apply topically, is absorbed almost immediately into our bloodstream, I felt a huge obligation to start paying more attention to the products I choose to use on my own skin.

It’s not something I write about too much, but over the years I’ve slowly made an effort to reduce the toxins in my body by swapping natural skincare products into my bathroom cabinet.

I’ve been using natural skincare products for a few years now and I'm the kind of person who stays loyal to her favourite products. which I absolutely love. I’m not really a makeup girl, however, I do use it on occasion when I feel like it.

Both my daughters wear make up in their dance performances, so I've done my best to ensure that their needs too are met with natural make up options. As they get older, I've empowered them to make their own choices, educating them along the way as to why I use natural skincare products and letting them make up their own minds for themselves.

I've watched as they experiment with the traditional products found in the supermarket, knowing if they follow their heart, they will find their way, but at the same time cringing when they pick up a product that I know has loads of toxins in it. I continue to walk my talk and I know they will figure this all out in time.

I have oily combination skin and sweat easily, so I like to use skincare products which feel super light on my skin and allow my skin to breathe.

What you'll find in my shower -

What you'll find on my bathroom cabinet -

Assorted Doterra Essential Oils - Wild Orange and Frankincense are my all time faves!

Essences of Ascension Third Eye Chakra Essence - Purchased through Nurcha.

* I use this natural deodorant all year round, however, find in the heat it doesn't do the kind of job I'd like it to. I'm looking for an alternative in the summer months and love using it at all other times of the year.

What kind of make up do I prefer?

In my handbag -

People for Plants Organic Lip Balm

I’m still on the look out for a natural sunscreen that I really enjoy wearing, so I’d love to hear from you, if there is one you love, that I can try out too.

I’m also a Doterra Wellness Advocate which enables me to purchase essential oil products at wholesale prices. If you are an essential oil lover and would love start up your own account, so you too can purchase these oils at a discounted price, please reach out to me at and I'll set you up with your own account.

You can also set up your own account here - Kaye's Doterra Account


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