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The last week for me has been quite hard emotionally as I’ve been required to “speak my truth” where I didn't really feel I wanted to, but my heart was guiding me to speak up. Now those who know me well, know that my intentions are to live with integrity from moment to moment.

This isn’t always an easy thing for me to do. There are times like last week, where I was hesitant to “speak my truth” for a couple of reasons - I didn't want the ramifications of what I needed to say to negatively impact my loved ones and I didn't want anyone else to feel bad as a result. Ultimately though, I always feel worse, when I go against the nudges of my heart, and if this means, to speak my truth, then this is what I ultimately do, even after some deliberation.

I find that when the situation involves just me, that I have no hesitation in speaking up, but when it involves others around me, I know that my words are going to directly impact them as well and in this case, if I am forward thinking, I will take the time to discuss what I’m about to do with these people and seek their feedback before doing so. This is particularly important for me in the case that my daughters are about to be impacted as I am aware they have their own opinions which are valuable and their voices deserve to be heard, especially by me, their mama.

I’ve learnt over the years that sharing my truth, has a direct connection to my own happiness and health, especially my throat chakra, which always starts to become itchy, when I’m suppressing how I really feel – When we hold back on speaking our truth on a regular basis, we are suppressing our soul’s right to express itself.

With this in mind, I'd love to share with you my simple philosophy around speaking my truth and the tips that I find super helpful when I'm deliberating a tricky situation and feeling super vulnerable about sharing how I really feel to others -

  1. Am I speaking from my heart with integrity and kindness?

  2. Who else will be impacted by this?

  3. Who I can bounce my thoughts and feelings with?

  4. How can I nurture the " little girl" inside me who's feeling anxious?

  5. ALWAYS, trust MY inner guidance over everything else.

I’ll be the first to admit that speaking my truth hasn’t always been easy. When I was young, one of my most common memories was adults telling me to be quiet, because I was such a chatterbox. Talking is definitely one of my favourite ways to express myself and still to do this day, I love chatting with people everywhere I go - I still love to talk! For many years, my voice was muted in a lot of ways – I chose to give more power to another person’s voice when my own voice wanted to speak up and didn't give any value to my own opinion - I preferred to play small and remain silent, because I didn't feel that what I had to say would have any value to another.

In the last couple of years, the concept that my voice is actually my gift has slowly revealed itself to me. The power I’d given over to others needed to be taken back, in listening to the "negative nancy" stories I was telling myself, I'd forgotten all the amazing mentors in my life who did take the time to listen to me. These amazing people, including my parents, my mum and dad’s best friends, school/uni mates and some of my trusted soccer teammates and coaches, who took the time to listen, I will always be grateful to them for this.

Sometimes still when I’m a tad emotional, as hard as I try, my emotions tend to take over. And you know what, stuff happens – Being perfect is not what I’m about! I know too, that not everybody is always ready to hear my truth and this is OK too! I just keep following my heart & try to be kind with myself – Speaking my truth is inextricably linked to my emotional well-being and my overall happiness and health and this to me at this stage of my life is a priority in my life.

What are your amazing tips for speaking your truth?

Please share your super tips with me below, you may just be helping me or another reader with your beautiful guidance.

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