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Daydream to your Heart's Content

Are you a daydreamer?

I know as a young girl, I LOVED to daydream. Daydreaming brought me so much happiness and as I had such a creative imagination, I spent a lot of time inside my head. When I look back on my life, all the life experiences that still fill my heart with joy today, I clearly recall dreaming about before they became a reality, and I wholeheartedly believe there is an inextricable link between us dreaming and taking action to make our dreams come true.

Growing up, no one ever spoke to me about the importance of daydreaming, I have just been able to connect the dots looking back on my own life, observing the amazing life my husband and I are co-creating together, bringing to reality his dream of living in a waterfront home, volunteering as coaches in our local community together and witnessing my mentees manifesting the dreams they’ve been harbouring in their hearts for a long time and making them a reality.

It is such a powerful experience, walking alongside someone who is determined to make their dreams a reality and watching them manifest before my very eyes.

And the most exciting part?

There is no expiration date on your dreams, so dream to your heart’s content!

One specific example for myself, was my dream to play soccer at the highest level. When I realised that I had a knack for kicking a ball and that there was a possible pathway for me to continue growing as a soccer player and play at an elite level, this ignited a spark of hope inside me. Soccer was my first passion and I spent hours dreaming about playing and this became my sole focus for the next 15yrs of my life.

I was blissfully happy putting on a pair of soccer boots (they always felt like slippers to me) to train and play and would rarely go a day without kicking my soccer ball and more often than not, chipping away the bricks on the back wall of our family home, honing my skills because I was determined to become the best soccer player I could be and to make my dream come true. Throughout the duration of my playing career, I travelled and played soccer throughout Australia and soccer took me to places, such as Europe, North America and New Zealand. Towards the end of my soccer playing career, my dreams started to shift and I felt another dream start to emerge from inside me, and this was to find love with a wonderful person and together to create a beautify family of our own. I loved the safety and stability of my family home growing up, and am especially grateful for the beautiful village of people my parents chose to surround us with.

When I was a young child, we spent a lot of time socialising with family and friends in our local Mauritian community. I also spent a lot of time with my cousins growing up which I loved so much. My parents loved to play sport as well, and I distinctly remember spending many hours at the volleyball courts where my mum and dad both played and also watching my dad play soccer on the weekends.

Fast forward 30yrs I am now married to my bestie Charles, we have 2 gorgeous kind hearted daughters, Giselle (14) & Bronte (10) and my heart is beaming at the realisation that we are mirroring my childhood experience, having attracted into our lives our own beautiful village where we live on the Sunshine Coast. My girls too LOVE spending time with their cousins, which is precious yet rare for us as we live in different parts of Australia. We also have an amazing group of friends whom we love to spend time with and watching our kids grow up together has been pretty special. Playing sport with my daughters was something I always hoped would happen and being able to play oztag with them now, is just another one of my dreams coming true.

My dream NOW is to continue creating and nurturing beautiful connections with my loved ones in my life and for my husband, myself and my daughters to bond closely together as well as my husband an daughters nurturing their own beautiful friendships independent of our family unit. I know the power of my dreams and the positive impact it has impressed upon me in my own life, and as a mother, part of my legacy is to pass this on my to my own children, in the hope they will embrace their own dreams in their heart and live a life where their heart's desires are what guides them.

Dreams are SO empowering!

Remember there is no expiration date on your dreams, so daydream to your hearts content!

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