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Why Parenting Doesn't Come with a Manual!

Our children are brought into our lives to foster our own soul growth and if we are willing to open our hearts, life will give us opportunities to dive deep, explore places within we never knew existed, and grow in a way that we never knew we could, because parenting is equally the most rewarding & most challenging gig we will EVER undertake in our life.

As a parent, we take risks we would generally not take otherwise. I know that there is a place inside me that I can tap into, that will do anything for my daughters when I feel they’ve been dealt an injustice, and in fact I have done this on many occasions.

Generally though, I’m not one to speak up unless I feel I absolutely need to, however the deep deep love I have for my 2 daughters inspires me to dig deep in ways I never knew I could before becoming a mum. This deep love also causes the floodgates to open (joyful tears) when I see my daughters pushing through their own limiting beliefs to make their own dreams come true.

Parenting requires us to lean on our heart to heart connection with our new born baby through using our intuition right from the start, because our new born baby cannot communicate with us through speaking just yet. We watch for the cues that he/she might be hungry, requires comforting or that he/she needs to sleep. This heart bond becomes so strong as our babies rely on us for their survival 24/7 initially and as they grow and develop, our own soul instinctively grows, to keep up with their soul growth.

Through my own parenting journey, the most challenging times personally were times when I didn’t listen to my intuition. There were many times where I listened to others around me, who I believe had the best intentions for me, but their advice wasn’t always beneficial for the particular situation at hand. I headed down many dead ends, before finally learning to value my own opinion and when I did start using my mama’s intuition more often, the right answers started to fall into my lap more easily.

I believe the reason there is no manual for parenting, is because we are meant to be learning as we go, and as our children grow, trusting our own instincts, just as animals in the wild trust their instincts with their babies. I believe that when we parent intuitively, this has a positive ripple effect into our children’s lives.

Monkey See, Monkey Do right?

Our children have this wonderful opportunity now to master their own intuitive super powers, which will empower them with the ability to navigate through a life that is going to inevitably throw them challenges for their own soul growth. However, when they realize their super powers exist for the sole purpose of guiding them in the right direction through life, they will be able to make decisions with confidence.

As a mama, I know that the more I use my super powers to guide me in my own life, the more I see my daughters embracing their own super powers. Life reflects back to me through my daughters, how I’m doing in life, good and bad and I pay close attention. Our intuition resides within each and every one of us and learning how to use our own intuitive superpower is key. Our children watch everything we do with a keen eye and they will instinctively trust their own instincts, when they see us doing the same.

Parenting is a journey of deep self discovery!

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