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I believe our strengths are our superpowers and I absolutely love spending time with my clients, identifying their strengths and helping them to pin point the areas of their lives where they feel most confident in.

Most of us are so busy getting on with our daily lives that we rarely stop to take a deeper look at what makes us successful in life or alternatively, what may be holding us back from achieving the success we are looking for in our lives.

Why do I believe our strengths are our super powers?

Because our strengths help us to thrive in our life, if we use them in the right way.

Each of us, has a talent/s or gift/s which makes us unique, and if nurtured properly and with love & integrity, will help us to thrive in life.

Knowing your strengths helps you to identify the areas where you can do 2 things -

1. Add more value to your own life

2. Use your super powers to add value to the other people’s lives

Would you like to be able to identify your own super powers right now?

I have a simple exercise you can do for yourself right now to identify your super powers. I have done this exercise for myself, and although I already felt I knew my Top 3 super powers, I loved being surprised by a couple on my list, because I actually hadn’t considered them to be super powers until now.


I’m highly intuitive / creative

I’m supportive and kind

I’m a great communicator / listener

I’m a great problem solver

I’m super reliable

Now it’s your turn…..

  1. Grab yourself a piece of paper, a pen and a highlighter.

  2. Write the words written below, across the top of the page if these apply to you.


  4. Under each heading, write the numbers 1-5.

  5. I’d like you to list 1-5 attributes which you believe makes you strong in each of these areas in your life.

I've included some probing Q's for you below, if you're not sure where to begin!

WORK - What makes you great at what you do in your specific role?

SCHOOL – What are your favourite subjects at school? Why are you good at them?

SPORT - What qualities make you great at the sport that you play?

FAMILY - In what way, do you feel you add value to your family and home life?

HOBBIES – What are you passionate about? What makes you good at this?

PERSONALITY - What parts of your personality do you love about yourself?

Now if you're still really feeling stuck,

you may ask a trusted friend to help you out with the answers.

Once you’ve written down your strengths under each heading, you will see that some of your strengths will show up in more than one area of your life. Pick up your highlighter and highlight the strengths that have repeated themselves across the page. Now list and rate your strengths from 1-5.

These are your SUPER POWERS beautiful!

When you spend time nurturing your super powers,

they will continue to get stronger and stronger!

I know that I spend a lot of time nurturing my superpowers

and I believe these are the reasons they are my strengths.

I've included for you below, how I've nurtured & continue to strengthen my own super powers in the hope that it might help you if you are looking for some ideas on how to nurture your own.

+ I’m highly intuitive / creative because I regularly meditate, spend time in nature, exercise and love going on holidays where I get to have some down time.

+ I’m kind and supportive because I choose to prioritize kindness in my life. I want to people to feel great about themselves after we spend time together.

+ I’m a great communicator because I love meeting new people. The listening part has taken some serious work on my part, but I find when I hold the space for others to express themselves, I’m always learning new wonderful things about life. I’m also a bit of a detective and my listening skills helps me to identify the areas of their lives I can help them with, especially as a mentor.

+ I’m a great problem solver because I naturally love helping people. I attribute my problem solving abilities to being highly intuitive. I trust the ideas that come to me on a daily basis. I often meditate or sleep on my problems and gain a lot of clarity when I sit in silence for a few minutes or choose get a good nights sleep, leaving my decision making process until the morning when I'm feeling fresh.

+ I attribute my reliability to a combination of things. The great example my parents modeled to me when I was growing up, to show up in life for the people you love and to the commitments you make to others. I’m super grateful to my mum and dad for showing me the way. As an athlete, I learnt that reliability is key, for my coach and teammates to trust and feel supported by me, I needed to be reliable by turning up to training/competition on time and through following our game plan each week.

Now go and out and use your super powers with confidence and watch yourself soar!

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