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Did you know that our dreams are only one of the beautiful ways, our

universe communicates with us and that we are being guided in every moment?

Whether you are spiritual or not, it doesn’t matter,

all of us are connected to a power that is greater than ourselves.

My conscious journey into spirituality over the past decade, has been equally mind blowing as it has been heart opening all at the same time. Being such a logical person who loves to rationalize everything, this new spiritual journey is not something I ever expected to come into my life, yet, has led me to realize that life is all about understanding ourselves on the deepest level and now that I know this, I cannot live my life any other way.

I've always been someone who is drawn to interpreting the underlying reasons, why we do the things we do and in my younger years I dabbled with spirituality a little bit by visiting clairvoyants here and there and even had my astrological chart read because I wanted to know how life was going to unfold for me.

My spiritual journey stepped up another notch about 7yrs ago when my maternal grandmother Solange passed away. My family called her by the french version of the word Grandmother which is “Grandmere”. Shortly after Grandmere passed, I started to notice that whenever I would go for a walk in nature, I could feel her presence so strongly, like she was with me when I was walking. I felt her love for me in a way that I’d never felt before, yet I could not explain how I knew it was her energy or that in fact it was her, I just knew she was with me in spirit. I would sit in my office alone to work during the day and I would regularly smell the familiar brand of her favourite cigarettes “Du Maurier” waft past my nose. At the same time she started visiting me regularly in my dreams. I knew in my heart that she was letting me know that she was OK and that she was looking over me. To this day, she still visits me in my dreams and it is one of the most comforting feelings to know she is still around me.

Now when this first happened to me, I wanted to tell everyone and at the same time I didn’t want to tell anyone, because I didn’t know how this information was going to be received. As excited as I was, the thoughts running through my head at the time went something like this -

“Is my husband going to think I’m nuts?”


“Is anyone going to believe me?”


"What are my friends going to think?"

The thing is, once my intuitive abilities started opening up, I couldn’t stop them, more mind blowing experiences started happening including more visitations from other loved ones who had passed away in my dreams. I started studying about energy healing and intuition to give myself a deeper understanding of what was happening to me. I discovered I could read people’s energy fields through a course I attended here on the Sunshine Coast and my mind was blown again. I took a second course with a different spiritual teacher and YES it wasn't a fluke, I am highly intuitive.

A new world was opening up to me that I didn’t really

understand, however my curiosity got the better of me and

I started researching about what I was experiencing.

My research eventually led me to reputable spiritual mentors including Belinda Davidson, James Van Praagh, John Holland, John Edwards, Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, Alan Cohen, Don Miguel Ruiz & Robert Holden to name just a few who helped me to realize that there is more to life than meets the eye.

So back to my worries about what others would think when my intuitive abilities first came to my attention - YES my husband did think I was totally nuts, but he loves me and over time, he started to realize that as much as he didn’t understand what was happening to me, he has accepted this as being part of our journey together.

I’ve since met lots of people who are on their own spiritual journeys, have discovered their own intuitive abilities and I’ve met people who don’t believe me at all, and guess what? This is all fine with me as we are all on our own personal journeys in life. I've experienced this for myself and I believe that sometimes we need to experience this for ourselves to believe.

These days I continue to learn and am drawn to spiritual mentors including Natalie Miles, Tyler Henry, Helen Jacobs, Sandy Bell, Theresa Caputo, Dr Shefali Tsabary, Jay Shetty and Danielle Paige.

Through listening to all these different spiritual mentors, I’ve been able to understand my intuitive abilities more comprehensively, however, I have a feeling that this is probably just the tip of the iceberg for me and that that there is so much more for me to learn.

What I’ve learnt is that the universe communicates to me personally through -


Repeating number patterns








The more relaxed I am, the more open I am to receiving these subtle messages.

When we start recognizing the different ways in which the universe communicates to us, it is SO exciting. It means we are connecting to our heart, tuning in to unique way our soul speaks to us, and this is when we can take our lives to another level. It is akin to learning another language, a language which is communicated through our heart.

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