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Connections are our soul's way of validating our belonging in this world!

When we know we have a safe place to fall in our vulnerable moments, we know intrinsically that we are deeply loved and valued for our existence.

Our soul connections show themselves in many different ways in our relationships - Our relationship with ourselves, our relationship to the power that created us, our relationship with other people in our lives, our relationship to our pets, our relationship to loved ones who no longer inhabit their physical body, yet inhabit our hearts for eternity.

We all long for these connections and our ability to thrive is dependent on them.

In fact, each day brings a new opportunity to

deepen our soul connections and to live our life with meaning.

So , what does this mean for me in my own life?

For me, this means, there is always an intentional reason I do the things I do in my life. I choose experiences that allow me to feel fulfilled, joyful and happy. These are feelings I want to experience repeatedly on a daily basis and so I consciously create these feelings through experiences such as meditation, choosing to hang out with uplifting people, going to the beach when the weather is warm, scheduling regular holidays with loved ones and by designing the kind of life I want to experience. ALL these experiences enable to me to connect deeply with myself, this power that is greater than all of us and with my loved ones in my life.

Connecting, is so important to me in my life and

I'm guessing it's important to you too!

My family is everything to me and together we love to travel, watch our favourite shows, go to the beach, play boardgames/cards, chat around our dining table at dinner time and play sport together. We all thrive when we spend quality time together and when we are not making time to do these things together, we tend to bicker with each other a lot more.

I believe that success for me, is in experiencing moments where I feel more connected, more joy, more fulfillment and happiness. It doesn’t matter whether I'm playing sport, hanging out with friends or cleaning my house with my family on a Sunday morning, if I end up feeling any of these feelings, I feel amazingly contented and a deep sense of inner peace.

Many of us believe that success comes when we achieve a certain goal, but for me, it is the feeling we are searching for, that we believe achieving a certain goal is going to give us this feeling of contentment or inner peace. Many times we look outside ourselves to be fulfilled, when in fact, this feeling is always available to us, when we connect deeply within our own hearts.

In my own personal experience, when I have looked to others to make me happy, I’ve always been disappointed, in my marriage, in my friendships and in my relationship with my daughters - I place an expectation upon my loved ones to give me this feeling I’m looking for, when all I ever needed to do was commit to taking action for myself. Making time to do the things I love and giving myself permission to follow my own heart’s guidance has enabled me to release the shackles of expectations I place on my loved ones to fulfill my need for deep soul connection.

I myself, find that the stronger my connection to myself and the universal power that is much greater than me, the easier my relationships flow in my life. I don’t have to spend so much time nurturing these relationships because when I nurture myself, this energy naturally permeates through my daily connections with other people and my loved ones feel our deep connection energetically in their own souls.

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