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Did you know that we can manifest what we want into our lives using

simply our thoughts, words and actions?

This is a simple, yet powerful tool I've been experimenting with now, for a long time,

in my own life, and I want you to be able to use it too.

Now, if you'd told me 20 years ago, how my life was about to play out, I definitely would not have believed you. Looking back on the very full life I've lived since, my own personal experiences have shown me that pursuing my dreams is an absolute MUST if you want to live a more meaningful life. That my happiness is inextricably linked to connecting with my heart's desires, and figuring out how to make my dreams come true is what life is truly about. Learning to manifest, for me, has become an integral part of learning how to make my dreams come true. I talk about it all the time, I encourage my family, friends & clients to manifest their desires, because I wholeheartedly believe we all have the ability to do so - We just need to believe in our ability to create magic in our own lives.

Children are told when they are young,

that they can grow up to be whatever they want to be - Right?

Well, as far as I know, there is no expiration date that has been placed on our dreams - Even as adults, it's vitally important for us to continue to dream for ourselves, and it's up to us to own our dreams and then take inspired action for ourselves, if we want our dreams come true. To honour the calling of our heart, is to truly live the life of our dreams.

I've been deep into my own personal development journey for over 30 years now, trying stuff here and there to learn how to add value to my life, finding out for myself what works and what doesn't and over time I've created my own personal way to manifest, combining manifesting tips I'd picked up here and there through my own research. Today I'd love to share with you my personal manifesting rituals, that have worked for me and continue to work for me in my life. I want EVERYONE in the world to be able to live an inspired life, and this includes you. When you learn that you can live life on your own terms and by your own design, it is truly, super empowering.

When I first started to learn about using the power of my mind to create amazing life experiences, my mind was completely blown, and like everything else in life, sometimes you need to experience it for yourself, to understand it. Being the super curious person that I am, I decided to start experimenting for myself consciously, beginning with writing a detailed list of the kind of soul mate I wanted to attract into my life, because this was what mattered most to me at the time.

My future hubby Charles came into my life VERY soon after writing down this detailed list of attributes that I was looking for in my soul mate. This seems so bizarre, right? But what I found even more bizarre, is that when I looked through the points I'd written on my list a little while into our relationship, I realized that my husband embodied EVERY attribute I'd written down & I knew there and then, that I had consciously manifested this magical life experience. I had taken the time, to get very clear on the kind of person I wanted to share my life with, sent out my request to the universe, the universe delivered, and I'm forever grateful. Now, I don't know what ever happened to my list after that, but I do still joke with my husband from time to time, that hindsight is a beautiful thing, and perhaps there were a few more things I could have added to the list.

Throughout our time together, I'm super thankful that my husband and I have been able to create the kind of life we often spoke about early on in our relationship. Our life experiences together have shown me, that all of us have the ability to manifest into our life, our heart’s desires and today I’d love to share with you how we've been able to do this.

Before I do this, there are other amazing life experiences

that we've manifested together, which I feel, need to be shared with you.

We are continually dialoguing with the universe, primarily through the thoughts we think, and therefore we are always creating our life experiences on a moment to moment basis. I think it's important that we don't limit ourselves when it comes to manifesting - Start small if you like with manifesting car park spaces & green traffic lights, and then work your way up to bigger stuff like houses and holidays - You might even like to manifest your own soul mate into your life, like I did and future children if you dream of having a family - Dream to your heart's content!!!!!

I do spend a lot of time manifesting the type of family life I aspire for our family, as this means more to me than anything else, and I do this through meditation and this may include repeating affirmations/mantras in my mind or even writing them down. At this point in my life, I now focus on manifesting feelings as well as life experiences i.e. laughter, joy, peace, contentment, because I feel this is what my heart longs for the most at the moment. Speaking my dreams out loud to a trusted loved one is very powerful and this is something I like to do on a regular basis and YES, sometimes I do feel super vulnerable doing this.

I’m always encouraging my family, friends & clients to manifest what ever they want into their life as I believe that the effort it takes to manifest, is worth the amazing results. I’ve used my manifesting skills to get my daughter’s into childcare facilities and schools that I wanted them to go to, even when I'd been told, repeatedly, I would never get them into these facilities, because of the long waiting lists and the fact we didn’t live in the correct catchment zone. When people tell me, that I can't do something, yet my heart says I can, I follow my heart always, and manifest, manifest, manifest. I've even taught my girls at a young age to manifest, it is a super power they can use for the rest of their beautiful lives and I know that if they use it, their lives are going to be an amazing journey.

A few years ago, I even manifested the exact price I aspired to sell our last house for, which was $50K above the market price at the time. I wrote the exact sell price down on a post it note and placed it underneath my little buddha statue in my bedroom. The very first and only offer we received for our house was the exact figure I had written down on my little post it note, and we did go on to sell our house for this price. Now I share this story with you, not to brag, but rather, so you know that if I can manifest these experiences into my life, so too, can you. So.....


I manifest primarily through meditation - This is time I carve out in my day, to sit still, breathe, and dream about how I’d like my life to play out.

I keep my journal beside me, to jot down, any creative thoughts that come through in my meditations.

I use affirmations/mantras in meditation, repeating them to myself.

I do the practical stuff as well that needs to be done and take inspired action in my day to day life to show the universe that I'm serious about making my dreams come true.

I speak my dreams out loud to trusted loved ones.

I spend time dreaming, imagining and I’ve even created vision boards from time to time.

Writing lists is still important to me, this is a super powerful manifesting tool for me.

I dialogue with the universe, giving thanks and praying daily.


+ I’m manifesting feelings that I want to feel on a daily basis, including inner peace and joy.

+ Cultivating fun, loving relationships.

+ I'm currently healing my injured ankle by using visualization techniques in my medi's.

+ Building my own heart centred wellness biz Soul2Soulwellness

+ Continuing to build on the success of our family biz S2S Commercial Floors Australia

+ More exciting travel adventures in 2020

Now it's your turn!

I'd love to hear what you've manifested into your life, that has helped you to believe in your own magic.

What are you working on right now, to bring into your life?

What does your manifesting ritual look like?

Now, if you're a manifesting virgin, how exciting - You can start learning how to manifest today, using some of my tips above - Best of Luck Beautiful!


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