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It’s the middle of winter and where I live, and this year, we have experienced an overwhelming amount of rain in the first half of our year, which means I’ve spent more time indoors than I prefer.

A couple of years ago, I discovered, that if I spend too much time indoors, I can end up feeling down and depressed. I started to notice that I didn’t feel happy in moments, when I normally would, I didn’t want to move my body, like I love to do in warmer months, I'd knock back invites to catch up with girlfriends and get sick easily.

Bathing in nature is how I lifted myself out of this spectacular hole,

I’d found myself in and I turn to nature for healing & inspiration.

I’m not one to force myself to do much, but my emotional state a few years ago, required me to talk myself through this unstable situation. I knew what I needed to do for myself, and I knew nature was one of the magical ingredients in my healing journey.

So I started by doing the easy stuff like sitting outside on our back patio to eat my lunch outside. I’d also take my shoes off to stand on grass for a few minutes to ground myself, close my eyes and I love to visualize the energy from mother earth run up through the soles of my feet and throughout my body. This has become such a powerful and super easy way for me to re-charge my body when I’m feeling flat and lethargic.

These little nature outings, helped me to start feeling better in my skin, in small ways, and I wanted to feel even better. I started exploring different ways being nature energized me. Fast forward a few years and I’m connecting with nature in even more profound ways, in fact, it's become an integral part of my every day life.

As the seasons warm up, I lean towards spending most of my mornings down at the beach, swimming, exercising and meditating, and I feel so amazing starting my day in this way.

Winter is where I often struggle, and this year, I’ve become a little stuck in my rut again, so throughout the last month I've been making more of an effort to find different ways to bath in nature, to feel re-energised again. As it’s quite cold in the mornings I don’t feel drawn to the beach, so I wait till it gets a little warmer, and then take my brekkie or cuppa down to our back deck to sit for a few minutes or more, out in the sunlight with my feet dangling over our back deck and I really enjoy feeding the fish and black swans that visit me whilst I’m chilling - I take time to take some deep breaths in and out, listen to the birds chirping, check in with how I’m feeling and I never leave without drinking in the sun’s rays and thanking the universe for this amazing life I am living.

I feel super connected to nature in this way, and the longer I sit, the better I feel.

I love walking our dogs too, and will often pop out with them, when the sun is at it’s warmest, which in Winter, is generally mid afternoon where I live. When it comes to working in my home office, it doesn’t get a lot of sunlight in the morning, so I tend to work in the sun drenched part of our home during the winter months. I do the same with meditating, where I’ll take my bean bag into a room with lots of sunlight and sit down to meditate with the light streaming in through the window. I'm like a sun stalker, searching out the healing light.

Bathing in nature feels like a daily blessing to me, it gives me the opportunity to

Synchronise my body’s rhythm with the universe’s rhythm

Fill myself up energetically

Ground myself in mother nature

Move my body in a beautiful space

Absorb her magical vibes

If you’re currently struggling to find ways to drink in the rays, but know that you need to, what are some simple ways you can get your nature fix in each day?

If you enjoy exercising, perhaps you can exercise outside or catch up with a girlfriend for a nature walk or enjoy a cuppa on the beach before you pick the kids up from school. If you love to read, take your book outside, find a comfy spot and enjoy reading in the fresh air. Watching sunrises and sunsets are also a beautiful way to connect with nature too - Get creative with it and tune into what your body feels like doing and always, go with your intuition.

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